The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists

39th Annual International Meeting


August 26 - 30, 2001
Prague, Czech Republic


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P01 T.Soriano, C. Jurado, M. Menéndez, M. Repetto:
Tissue Enzymatic Digestion and Solid Phase Extraction Procedure in Systematic Toxicological Analysis
P02 R. Vanbinst, J. Koenig, V.Di Fazio, A. Hassoun:
Bile Analysis of Drugs in Post-Mortem Cases
P03 N. Raikos, H. Tsoukali, D. Psaroulis, N. Vassiliades, M. Tsoungas, S.N. Njau:
Amphetamine Derivative Related Deaths in Northern Greece
P04 H. Samkova, A. Brzobohata, J. Pivnicka, M. Spackova, M. Hirt:
Fatal Poisoning with Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
P05 Th. Stimpfl, E. Friedrich, W. Vycudilik:
Fatal Intoxication with Paramethoxyamphetamine (PMA) and Paramethoxymethamphetamine (PMMA)
P06 W. Romhild, B. Quednow, P. Rösner, K. Jachau, R. Schoning:
Lethal PMA (p-Methoxyamphetamine) and PMMA (p-Methoxymethamphetamine) Intoxication
P07 H. Eysseric, P. Kintz, J.P. Goulle, F. Vincent, L. Barret:
Tramadol Concentrations, Including Hair Analysis, in Six Fatal and Non-Fatal Intoxications
P08 M. Kala, W. Lechowicz, R. Stanaszek:
Fatal and Nonfatal Concentrations of Morphine
P09 F.C.P. Toledo, V. Leyton, M. Yonamine. O.A. Silva:
Relation between Cocaine Abuse and Violent Death in S. Paulo – Brazil
P10 H. Vanerkova et al.:
Benzodiazepines in Forensic Cases in the Czech Republic


O. Beck, N Stephanson, H. Dahl, A. Helander:
LC-MS Determination of Ethyl Glucuronide – an Ethanol Intake Marker
P12 I. Janda, T. Kuenhle, A. Alt, W. Weinman:
Ethyl Glucuronide in Human Hair by LC/MS/MS: Method Development and Validation
P13 B. Slavica, A. Vickers, B.F. Graham, R.D. Trengove, P. Moretta, D. Gere:
Robust Blood Alcohol Method Development – Direct Injection and Headspace Injection
P14 D. Waumans, L. Laruelle, N. Bruneel, J. Tytgat:
Ethyl Alcohol Quantification Via Non-Headspace Capillary Gas Chromatography
P15 J. Vasiliades, K. Ford:
Stability of Ethanol in Blood and Urine
P16 I. Rákóczy, Á. Kerner:
Poisonings with Ethylene Glycol
P17 L.a. Ferrari, R.R. Nieto, A. Margheritis, D.J.E. Mirson, C.I. García,I.V. Garrote, M.G. Arado:
Detection of Diethyl Ether in Blood and Viscera in an Odd Homicide
P18 Y. Tsujino, Y. Hieda, K. Kimura, T. Yakabe, S.Dekio:
Systemic Distribution of Kerosene Components after Dermal Exposure to Kerosene
P19 F. A. de Wolff, T.J. Hessing, E. Smits, G.B. van der Voet:
Perinatal Lead Exposure in a Roman Settlement
P20 Y.C. Yoo, S.K. Lee, J.Y. Yang, K.W. Kim, S.Y. Lee, H.S. Lee, H.Y. Lee, Y.C. Ko, K.H. Ko, K.H. Chung:
Distribution of Toxic and Essential Elements in Korean Human Tissues – Comparison  Between Agricultural and Urban District
P21 W. Piekoszewski, F. Trela, K. Sadlik, G. Nowak:
Brain Zinc and Suicide: A Preliminary Study
P22 J.F. Sanchez Bruzon, I. F. Fernández, H. ruy Rodríguez, B.V. Lozano, M.G. de la Nuez, R.H. Poey:
Analytical Endosulfan Findings in Post-Mortem Materials
P23 S.A. Akgür, P. Öztürk, G. Yücwe, A. Veral, B. Ege:
The Relation between Orgaanophosphate Poisoning and Adult Respiratory Syndrome




R.A. Kireev, N.A. Krumacheva, A.A. Marianovsky:
Endogenous Intoxication in Children with Type 1 Diabetes
P25 R. Gligor, M. Puschita, S. Gligor:
Toxicological Digital Database: A Reliable Resource for Dealing with Neurotoxicity in Emergency Settings
P26 T. Takatori, H. Ohta, T. Ohmori, T. Suzuki:
Examination of Alkylaldoximes as Antidotes for Intoxication by Nerve Agents
P27 M.O. Ali, O.A. Sharaf EL-Deen, O.M. El-Menshay, S. Bakery:
Genotoxic Effects of Fluoxetine on the Chromosomes of Bone Marrow Cells of the Pregnant Mice
P28 E. Tanaka, A. Nagashima, S. Inomata, S. Misawa:
A Study of the In Vitro Interaction between Lidocaine and Premedications Using Rat Liver Microsomes
P29 S.A. Sheweita, M.H. El-Masry, M. El-Sayed:
Novel Method for Degradation of some Narcotics and Assesment of their Toxic Effects
P30 S.J. Salamone, C. Dou, J.S. Bournique, M.K. Zinda, M. Gnezda, A.J. Mc Nally:
Kinetic Analysis of Hydrolysis Rates of Lorazepam-Glucuronide, Oxazepam-Glucuronide and Temazepam-Glucuronide Catalyzed by E. Coli. Beta-D-Glucuronidase
P31 N. Stephanson, O. Beck:
Solid-Phase Extraction, Identification and Quantification of Benzodiazepines and their Metabolites in Urine by Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry
P32 V. Vorisek, J. Vortel, V. Palicka:
Rapid Semiquantitative Plasma Determination of Flunitrazepam by GC/MS
P33 M.A. LeBeau, M.A. Huestis, W.D. Darwin:
Intra- and Interindividual Variations in Urinary Levels of Endogenous GHB
P34 A. Haidekker:
Experience with EDDP-Testing in a Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program
P36 C. Meadway:
Rapid GC-MS Method for Quantitation of Opiates Following Heroin Use
P37 C. Meadway:
Interference of Pholcodine with RIA and GC-MS Opiate Analysis
P38 J.F. Sánchez Bruzón, I. Farrás Fernández, H. Cruz Rodríguez, B. Valera Lozano:
Simultaneous Determination in Urine of Cocaine and its Main Metabolite by Gas Chromatography with a Nitrogen – Phosphorus Detector
P39 S. Athwal, P.J. Streete:
Risperidone Assay by HPLC-UV Detection
P40 W. Bernhard, B. Aebi, S.E. Hilton, E. Logemann, B. Kreutzfeldt, J. Ehrensperger, T. von  Fellenberg, C. Legat:
Questions and Surprises following Shooting Injury



P41 R. Dams, W.E. Lambert, A.P. De Leenher:
Comparison of Twelve Different Solid-Phase Extraction Sorbents in the Development of an Easy-To-Use and Reproducible Sample Pre-Treatment for Opiates.
P42 D. Morrison:
Development of a Simple and Universal Extraction Procedure for the SAMSHA Drugs of Abuse (DOA) Using the Waters Oasis MCX Extraction Cartridge and the Zymark Rapidtrace SPE Robotics Instrument
P43 A. Howells, P. Madley, R. Calverley, T. Mitchell and M. Burke:
Optimised  Extraction of Neutral and Ionisable Drugs Using Supported Liquid-Liquid Extraction Columns
P44 H.K. Choi, W.K. Yang, E.Y. Han, S.K. Choi, H.S. Chung,  Y.C. Yoo:
Rapid Analysis of Amphetamine – Type Stimulants in Urine Solid-Phase Microextraction by GC/NPD
P45 Kamarrudin Asri, R.A. Anderson, A.K. Jackaria:
Headspace Solid Phase Microextraction (HS-SPME) in a Case of Fenithoin Poisoning
P46 D. Zuba, A. Parczewski, M. Rózańska:
Effect of Salt Addition  on Sensitivity of HS-SPME-GC Method of Volatiles Determination
P47 D. Zuba, A. Parczewski:
Optimization of Solid Phase Microextraction Conditions for GC Determination of Volatiles
P48 C.M. Cuppet, M.B. Balogh, A. Williams, V. Lashin:
Application of Structure-Based LC/MS Database Management for Forensic Analysis
P49 B. Wüst, C. Sauber:
Rapid Identification of Drugs in Biological Matrices with LC-MS Ion Trap and Spectral Library
P50 M. Stoertzel:
Supression Effects in LC-ESI/CID-MS for Drug Screening Analysis
P51 B. Aebi, R. Sturny-Jungo, W. Bernhard, R. Blanke, W. Hirsch:
Quantitation Using GC-TOF-MS: Example of Bromazepam
P52 R. Hirsch, R. Parry, R.A. Weck:
Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry as a New and Fast Way for Drug Screening
P53 L. Labat, M. Deveaux, J.P. Dubost:
Determination of Paroxetine by Micellar Electrokinetic Capillary Chromatography: A Case Report
P54 U.K. Rasulev, U. Khasanov, A.V. Mikhailin, S.S. Iskhakova:
Atmosphere-Pressure Surface-Ionization Indicator of Narcotics and Abused Drugs
P55 U.K. Rasulev, U. Khasanov, D.T. Usmanov, M.M. Shakhitov, T.K. Islamov:
CO Poisoning during Alcohol and Narcotic Intoxication. Analysis by Surface Ionization, Chemical, GC/MS, LC, GC and TLC Methods
P56 G. Bocaz-Beneventi, F. Tagliaro, F. Bortolloti, G. Manetto, J. Havel:
Fuzzy Information (Time of Agony or Environmental Temperature) in Addition to CZE Data from Analysis of Vitreous Humour to Improve Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) Prediction of Time since Death



P57 M. Fendrich:
Drug Testing in Household Drug Surveys: A pilot study
P58 L. Olsen, A.S. Christophersen:
Determination of Naltrexone and its Major metabolite 6-β-Naltrexol in Samples from Heroin Addicts on Naltrexone Implant Treatment
P59 B. Slavica, D. Broske, R.E. Majors, R.D. Ricker, B.A. Bidlingmeyer:
A Family of SPE Sorbents and GC Columns Designed for the Analysis of Drugs of Abuse
P60 M.C.J. Langen, F.W.J.M. van Hoof, A.C.G. Egberts:
EMIT II Plus Benzodiazepines Screening Using On- Line Deglucuronidation
P61 H. Nordgren, O. Beck:
Use of LC-MS-MS for Detection of MDMA and MDA in Diluted Urine
P62 F. Sporkert, F. Pragst, C.J. Ploner, A. Tschirch, A.M. Stadelmann:
Pharmacokinetic Investigation of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and its Metabolites after Single Administration of 10 mg  Marinol in Attendance of a Psychiatric Study with 17 Volunteers
P63 P.V. Monsanto, P. Marques, M.J.S. Baptista, S. Ávila, A.M. Castanheira, D.N. Vieira:
Hair Analysis for THC,THC-COOH, CBN and CBD by GC/MS-EI. Comparison with GC/MS-NCI for THC-COOH
P64 I. Yamamoto, E. Motoya, T. Matsunaga, K. Arizono, K. Watanabe:
Marijuana Constituents May Act as Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
P65 H. Báez, c. Camargo, E. Guerrero:
The Occurence of Cocaine and Metabolites in Hair of Drug Abusers: Determination of Possible Cut-off Values
P66 M. Yonamine, O.A. Silva:
Methylation of Benzoylecgonine with Diazomethane for Cocaine Identification by GC/MS
P67 J. Kulikowska, R. Celiński, A. Soja, H. Sybirska:
Investigation on the Quality of Home-Made Poppy Straw Products ("Compote") in the Forensic Medicine Department in Katowice
P68 P. Tomicek, F. Zrcek, M. Prazak, J. Bolehovsky:
Profiling of Illicit Drug Methamphetamine
P69 H.S. Chung, E.M. Kim, M.J. Park, J.S. Lee, Y.C. Yoo:
Impurity Profiling Analysis of Methamphetamine
P70 K. Zednikova, J. Sevcik, D. Krausova, P. Ondra, A. Jaskova:
Detailed Analysis of Methamphetamine ( Pervitin) by Means of TLC, GC/MS, HPLC, XRD and CE
P71 J. Zapletal, Z. Vassányi:
Rapid and Effective Isolation of Cannabinoids from Food Matrices
P72 S.S. de Kock, J.P. Rodgers, B.C. Swanepoel:
Development of a Mass Spectrometric Procedure for the Identification and Quantification of IGF-1 Growth-Hormone Treated Horse



P73 L.M. Tsanaclis, D.M. Edwards, J.F.C. Wicks:
Hair Analysis for Detection of Drugs: A Retrospective Review of Data Obtained in the Routine Practice of a Specialist Laboratory
P74 E. Guerrero, A. Toyos, G. Bocaz-Beneventi:
Detection of Cocaine and Benzoylecgonine in Infants' Hair following In Utero Drug Exposure
P75 M.G. Arado, I.V. Garrote, L. Laborde, A. Bosch, L.A. Ferrari:
Hair and Nails as Alternative Samples in Decomposed Corps
P76 M. Dedicova, J. Laznickova, F. Vorel:
Using Solid Phase Extraction for Quantification of Opiates in Hair
P77 A.S. Christophersen, M. Krogh, A. Ripel:
Comparison of Some Commonly Prescribed Drugs in Saliva and Blood Samples from Drugged Drivers
P78 A. Sitaram, V. Fernandes, L. Moore, A. Jehanli:
Analysis by a Rapid On-Site Test Device, of Saliva Pholcodine Levels and Window of Detection Following Oral Single and Multiple Dosing
P79 N. De Giovanni, N. Fucci, M. Chiarotti, S. Scarlata:
Cozart Rapiscan System: Our Experience with Saliva Tests
P80 E. Novakova:
Analysis of Meconium: Three-Year Experience in the Czech Republic
P81 V. Habrdova, M. Balikova, V. Maresova:
"Brown" and "Pervitin" in Newborn's Meconium: A Case Report



P82 H. Tsoukali, N. Raikos, S.N. Njau, M. Tsoungas, D. Psaroulis:
Drug and Alcohol Use in Fatally Injured Drivers in Northern Greece
P83 R. Stablova, V. Valenta:
Drugs and Driving in the Czech Republic
P84 C. Vignali, A. Groppi, A. Polettini, A. Valli, A. Sali, B. Cancelli, M. Montagna:
Drugs and Driving. Toxicological Findings in 119 Fatally Injured Drivers
P85 A.S. Christophersen, M. Gulliksen, I. Hasvold, U. Johansen, R. Karinen, A. Ripel, M. Krogh:
Screening and Quantification of Drugs of Abuse in Whole Blood by LC-MS (ESI)
P86 E.P. Marques, M.A. Fidalgo, S. Ávila, P. Proenca, P.V. Monsanto, H.M. Teixeira, A.M. Castanheira, D.N. Vieira:
Testing for Drugs in Blood from Impaired Drivers
P87 A. Oestreich, P.X. Iten:
First Cases of Driving under the Influence of Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid (GHB) in Switzerland



P88 N. D'Achille, E.R. Diebold, J.S. Tsai. S.J. Salamone:
OnTrak TesTstik 2 THC/COC: Rapid Drug Testing in the Workplace and Criminal Justice Segments
P89 T.R. Jones, R. Kobetic, J. S-C. Tsai, B. Oades, D. Demirtzoglou, D. Henckel, S.J. Salamone:
ONTRAK TESTCUP PRO 5: A Multi-Analyte Immunoassay Device for On-Site Drug Testing
P90 V. Senft, J. Racek:
Alternative Specimen for Testing Exposure to Toxic Compounds of Nickel



P91 R.E. Aderjan, M. Herbold, I. Dijkhuis, B. Widdop:
Results of  the 2001 (2nd Ring Test): Interlaboratory Comparison by Collaborative European Drugs of Abuse Testing for Clinical, Workplace and Forensic Purposes
P92 A. Kevicka:
Goals of Quality Assurance  in Toxicology Laboratory
P93 K. Schmidtova, I. Halinarova, G. Kovac, B. Illek, L. Spacek, B. Mosendzova:
Accreditation of Clinical Laboratories in Slovak Republic- First Experiences


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