• Approaching the triennial elections

    Published on: 12-04-2014

    During the business meeting in Buenos Aires, the triennial elections will be held and we will elect a president-elect, a secretary, a treasurer and three board members. Members who would like to serve as board members can be nominated from now on. A

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  • A very successful year

    Published on: 17-11-2013

    The days are shortening (in the northern hemisphere) and Christmas decoration is starting to appear in the streets: this must be the end of the year 2013. TIAFT can look back on a very successful year:

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  • TIAFT celebrated its 50th anniversary

    Published on: 03-06-2013

    About a month ago TIAFT celebrated its 50th anniversary of TIAFT in the Guildhall in London. By all accounts this was an excellent meeting, superbly organised by the LTG. About 220 people attended, including 8 past, present and future TIAFT presidents.

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  • Toward TIAFT 50th Anniversary

    Published on: 13-12-2012

    In about six months, TIAFT will celebrate its 50th anniversary in London. We will have a meeting on April 26 and 27th 2013 at the Guildhall in London. Together with the LTG board, we have been working on the program that is now being finalised and that you can find on the website. Many eminent toxicologists will present state-of-the-art lectures and compare different aspects of our work with how it was 50 years ago.

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  • A new initiative to help laboratories in developing countries

    Published on: 27-07-2012

    The board came up with a new initiative to help laboratories in developing countries. If a lab in a developing country asks for assistance in developing a method, TIAFT will send a young scientist for a short stay, and pay the costs for flight and stay.

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  • Travel Grants for Japan TIAFT meeting

    Published on: 20-03-2012

    In April, the board will meet in Moscow, Russia. Some items on the agenda will be the renewal of the regional representatives, the development of e-learning and webinars, and the preparations for the next annual meeting in Hamamatsu, Japan.

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  • Preparing TIAFT 50th Anniversary

    Published on: 17-01-2012

    In 2013, TIAFT will celebrate its 50th anniversary in London. Some members have already sent me pictures and documents from the early times at TIAFT, and we will submit articles on the history of TIAFT to the Bulletin. Please send me the documents, pictures, movies you have, so we can collectively write about the history of TIAFT.

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  • TIAFT has a new Board

    Published on: 21-10-2011

    Three weeks ago, the annual meeting came to a close in San Francisco. It was a fantastic meeting with 1400 attendees, probably the largest forensic toxicology meeting ever. I would like to thank Nik Lemos, Ann-Marie Gordon, the organizing and scientific committees for making this meeting a big success.

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  • My last President's message

    Published on: 01-09-2011

    This will be my last President's message as I hand over to Professor Alain Verstraete during the combined SOFT/TIAFT meeting next month. I would like to thank all of our TIAFT members for your support and encouragement. I have certainly enjoyed my last 3 years as President and I'm sure Alain will look after the Association extremely well for the next term.

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  • Triennial elections for office bearers is approaching

    Published on: 26-06-2011

    As we draw closer to the next annual scientific meeting and our triennial elections for office bearers I would like to request that members nominate other members for positions on the board. Applications need to be sent by e-mail in advance of the meeting.

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