TIAFT’s Bryan S. Finkle Visiting Scientist Grant will be offered to one TIAFT member each year to cover travel, lodging, and other expenses related to the education of DCF members or their laboratories. There are two possible scenarios in which the grant may be used: 1) A DCF Member may apply to visit another TIAFT Member’s laboratory for up to one (1) month in order to receive training or 2) A Standard Member may apply to visit a DCF Member’s laboratory for up to one (1) month in order to provide training to the laboratory’s toxicology staff. In both instances, the training must focus on analytical methods, instrument operation, quality assurance, and other relevant topics in the fields of forensic and clinical toxicology.
The success of this grant will be on both the Visiting Scientist and the laboratory that is visited. It will require detailed planning on the training activities. Consideration must also be given to any communication barriers and how they will be overcome. It is critical that Visiting Scientist is comfortable with the specific instrumentation at the host laboratory.

Objectives of Grant

The objectives of the Bryan S Finkle Visiting Scientist Grant are in accordance with the Aims of TIAFT:

  • Provide an organization for professionals engaged or interested in the field of forensic toxicology or related areas of analytical toxicology, including the interpretation of the results of these analyses.
  • Provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of professional experiences in forensic toxicology and related areas of analytical toxicology between forensic toxicologists and all other interested parties.
  • To promote education and training in forensic toxicology and related areas of analytical toxicology.
  • Promote cooperation and coordination of effort among members.
  • Encourage research in and the practice of forensic toxicology and related areas of analytical toxicology.
Amount of funding

Each year, the grant will provide financial assistance of up to a maximum of $7000 USD to the grantee. This will cover travel, lodging, a daily meal allowance, and other expenses incurred in line with the aims of the grant. The grantee is responsible for managing their own bookings and travel requirements, including mandatory health/medical and travel insurance.

The grant is not to be used to cover the cost of miscellaneous personal expenses, or accompanying persons. Funding will not cover managerial costs or salaries.

All expenses (other than meals) require receipts or other proof-of-purchase for justification. Some expenses may be pre-paid (i.e., airfare, lodging) while others will require reimbursement after the travel has been completed.

If your application is approved, the TIAFT board will set maximum amounts for flights, lodging, and meal allowance based on the destination of the proposed visit.

Eligibility Criteria

Any Standard or DCF member of TIAFT is eligible to apply for the grant, provided they have been a member in good standing for at least two full years at the application’s closing deadline.

Deadline for Application
Initial applications are required to be submitted no later than the deadline (February 25, 2024). Late applications will not be considered.
How to Apply

The application process consists of two parts. The first involves an online initial application to express your interest in the grant. Whether you are in need of training or are willing to serve as a trainer, all interested candidates MUST complete the initial application through the Members' Area no later than the deadline (February 25, 2024). In February, the TIAFT Board will review all applicants for eligibility and attempt to match potential trainers with trainees. Paired trainers and trainees will be required to work together to complete the second phase of the application and provide supporting documentation to be considered for the Grant. The application requires demonstration of a number of criteria that will be used by the TIAFT Board in deciding the candidates that are most deserving to receive the current year's grant.

Among the criteria that will be evaluated are the following:

  • Length of TIAFT membership;
  • Length of time actively working/studying in the field of forensic or clinical toxicology and relevant positions held;
  • Potential benefit to the applicant and organization receiving training;
  • Detailed agenda of proposed training endorsed by the Visiting Scientist and the director/delegate of the training organization/laboratory;
  • Evaluation of applicant’s essay;

Note that previous winners of the grant will not be reconsidered within 3 years of their previous award.

All second-phase applications must be received by the TIAFT President (president@tiaft.org) by the stated deadline to be considered. Only electronic submissions will be considered. Once the deadline has passed, the TIAFT President will collate the applications and distribute them to all TIAFT Board members for formal assessment.

When Decisions Will Be Made
The selection of the next Bryan S. Finkle Visiting Scientist Grantee will be made in March of the year that the applications are submitted for.


For More Information
For complete information about the grant and how applications will be evaluated, please visit the TIAFT Member’s Area Document library. The handbook concerning the grant can be found under TIAFT Organization Documents.


Previous recipients

Year Trainee Trainer
2024 Lucia Dellepiane, Uruguay
Charlene Henry, Jamaica
Michelle Carlin, United States
Susan Grosse, United Kingdom
2023 Supranee Pantatan, Thailand Stephen Trobbiani, Australia
2022 Atika Bendjamaa, Algeria Alberto Salomone, Italy