TIAFT recognizes the need for quality continuing education of its members. The purpose of the TIAFT Travel Grant Awards is to promote active attendance at the TIAFT annual scientific meeting by providing financial assistance to members. These travel grants are awarded to selected members actively working in the field of forensic toxicology that show the need for financial assistance, have an accepted, high-quality abstract for the annual meeting, and agree to certain requirements of receiving the grant.

Award 2024

TIAFT Travel Grants will be awarded for members to attend the TIAFT Annual Conference in St. Gallen Switzerland, September 2-6, 2024.

Grants will be awarded to Standard Members and to DCF Members, provided they can demonstrate a strong need for financial assistance.

The application due date is April 22, 2024.

All interested candidates MUST complete a current TIAFT Travel Grant Application and provide supporting documentation to be considered for the grant. The application requires demonstration of a number of criteria that will be used by the TIAFT Board of Directors in deciding the candidates most qualified to receive a travel grant for that year’s annual meeting.

Eligible Persons
Any Standard or DCF member is eligible to receive a travel grant provided that they have been a member for at least one year at the application’s closing deadline for that year’s meeting.
All TIAFT Travel Grant Applications must be received by the TIAFT President by April 22, 2024. Please submit your complete application package to info@tiaft.org. When emailing please enter the following heading in the subject line "TIAFT Travel Grant Application - St. Gallen". Late applications will not be considered.
Evaluation Criteria

Among the criteria that will be evaluated are the following:

  • Length of TIAFT membership
  • Previous TIAFT Travel Grants received
  • If a quality abstract was accepted for the annual meeting
  • Length of time actively working in the field of forensic toxicology and positions held
  • Attendance and presentations at previous TIAFT meetings and other scientific meetings
  • Explanation as to why attendance is important for the individual applicant
  • Explanation of the need for the financial assistance
  • If others from the same agency have also applied for a TIAFT Travel Grant
  • Estimated costs for transportation and lodging for the annual meeting

Annual Travel Grants will provide financial assistance of a maximum of USD 2,000 plus the registration fee for that year’s annual meeting (to include the annual banquet). Granted awards may only be used for the annual meeting of TIAFT in which the application was made. They cannot be used for a future year’s meeting.

Each Travel Grant awardee is required to attend the entire TIAFT annual meeting. This includes being present in all scientific sessions, poster sessions, the business meeting, and social events, including the farewell banquet. Failure to actively attend the annual meeting may result in forfeiture of the grant.

The grant will cover the most cost-effective direct travel to and from the annual meeting (e.g., airfare, train, etc.), as well as the cost of economical accommodation for the night prior to the first day of the annual meeting through the night of the farewell banquet. The grant is not to be used to cover the cost of meals and miscellaneous personal expenses. Additionally, other than the annual meeting registration fee, the Travel Grants serve as reimbursements of travel and lodging expenses and not prepayments of such.

Within three months after the end of the TIAFT annual meeting, each Travel Grant awardee for that year’s meeting is required to provide a report to the TIAFT Bulletin Editor(s) on the value they gained from attending the meeting. This report will be published in the TIAFT Bulletin.

Other than the meeting registration fee, Travel Grants are reimbursements of travel and lodging expenses and not prepayments of these expenses by TIAFT. Grant payments are arranged with the TIAFT Treasurer and are made after receipts of expenses are provided. All payments will be made within 30 days after the last day of the annual meeting and can be made by check, wire transfer, or PayPal transfer. Grant awardees are responsible for any bank fees (i.e. wire transfer fees, PayPal fees, or international check fees).

For complete information on restrictions, limitations and requirements, please see the Travel Grant Guidelines.

The maximum number of Travel Grants to be awarded in a given year is decided by the Board when setting that year's annual budget.

Award Committee
The TIAFT Executive Board chooses Travel Grant awardees from among eligible candidates.
Notification of Awardees
All applicants will be notified after a decision has been made.

Previous awardees

Year DCF Members Standard Members
2023 Shahzad Kamran, Pakistan
Leonardo Rodrigues, Brazil
Gabriela de Pala Meirelles, Brazil
Jade Mader, South Africa
Humera Shafi Makhdoom, Pakistan
Xin Wang, China
Ester Schallmach, Israel
Rafael Linden, Brazil
2022 Asia Abdullah, Iraq
Leticia Birk, Brazil
Nicola Brown-Baxter, Jamaica
Aline Martins, Brazil
André Fabris, Brazil
Yannick Oyono, Cameroon
Najam Ud Din, Pakistan
Bethany Keen, Australia
María José Castro Santos, Uruguay
Amvrosios Orfanidis, Greece
Jinni Yan, Australia
Pïnar Efeoglu, Turkey
2019 Melike Aydogdu, Turkey
Kelly Cunha, Brazil
Ana Luiz Linhares, Brazil
Thanuja Priyadarshani, Sri Lanka
Rhiannon Alder, Australia
Daniela Diaz, Uruguay
Katharina Grafinger, Switzerland
2018 Muhammad Imran, Pakistan
Innocent Mutambuze, Uganda
Mariana Dadalto Peres, Brazil
Courtesy of The Toxicological Society of Belgium and Luxembourg:
Natalia Bordin, Brazil
Marco Martinez, Costa Rica
Geraldine Dowling, Ireland
Mariza Insaurralde, Paraguay
Michael Kraemer, Germany
Shimpei Watanabe, Sweden
2017 Fabricio Souza Pelicao, Brazil
Flávia Lopes Roveri, Brazil
Giovana Piva Peteffi, Brazil
Ana Doina Radu, Romania
Paula Andrea Fuentes Azocar, Chile
Dilek Battal, Turkey
Jenna Johnston, South Africa
2016 Ana Miguel, Brazil
Lilia Melo, Brazil
Rachel Bulcao, Brazil
Jalilov Fazilddin, Uzbekistan
Bronwen Davies, South Africa
2015 Younes Zebbiche, Algeria
María Josefina Domínguez Cabrera, Argentina
Dayanne Cristiane Mozaner Bordin, Brazil
Linda Matua, Albania
Mirnela Cinije Kocibelli, Albania
Jose Luiz da Costa, Brazil
2014 Ahmed Mandour, Egypt
Mareta Ibragimova, Uzbekistan
Suresh Vir Singh Rana, India
Rafael Menck, Brazil
Paula Fuentes, Brazil
Diana Jazmin Marino Gaviria, Colombia
Maria de los Angeles Arias Rodriguez, Costa Rica
2013 Samar Alzeer, Syria
Aminata Touré, Sénégal
Dayanne Bordin, Brazil
Zolzaya Dovdon, Mongolia
2012 Yeshvandra Verma, India (Could not attend)
Leda Gianuzzi, Argentina
Magda El Karadawy, Egypt
Noriko Hikichi, Uruguay
Diana Jazmin Marino, Colombia
Sakuntahal Tennakoon, Sri Lanka
2011 Wenceslao Kiat, Philippines
Rafael Lanaro, Brazil
Jose Luis da Costa, Brazil
Marcelo Nogueira Rabelo Alves, Brazil
Chimid Althankhishid, Mongolia
Batbayar Lamchin, Mongolia
Courtesy of National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA):
Hatem Abdul Moniem Ahmed, Egypt
Fabricio Souza Pelicao, Brazil
Sandra Doris Uria Huaita, Bolivia
2010 Isabel Kazanga, Malawi
Chalongkwan Tangbanluekal, Thailand
Gafer Rageh Ahmed, Egypt
Flavia Thiessen, Brazil
Mariza Insaurralde, Paraguay
2009 Bruno Spinosa De Martinis, Brazil
Kamon Foihirun, Thailand
Ampika Lelapojanaporn, Thailand
Tarek Mahdy Ebead, Egypt
Tanuj Kanchan, India
Luis Ferrari, Argentina
2008 Farzaneh Jowkar, Iran (Could not attend)
Sandra Doris Uria Huaita, Bolivia (Could not attend)
Giner Gretchen, Philippines
2007 Jose Luis Costa, Brazil
Ping Xiang, China
2005 Serap Akgur, Turkey
Tien Vung, Vietnam
Razwan Gligor, Romania
Khaled Massoud Mohamed, Egypt
Tasdooq Abdullah Juan Trisz, Brazil
Ranjar Kumar, India
2004 Carolina Troncoso, Colombia
Raphael Linden, Brazil
Bruno De Martinis, Brazil
Neva Duya, Philippines
Wenceslao Kiat, Philippines
Natalia Krupina, Russia
Abdelkader Battah, Jordan
Carlos Colangelo, Argentina
2003 Leda Giannuzzi, Argentina
Alice Chasin, Brazil
2002 Luis Ferrari, Argentina
Razwan Gligor, Romania
Serap Akgur, Turkey
Chitta Sahu, India