• President’s message - February 2024

    Published on: 08-02-2024

    TIAFT members are encouraged to send in nominations for the next TIAFT board (July 30) and to submit abstract for the annual meeting in St. Gallen (April 22).

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  • President’s Message - December 2023

    Published on: 29-12-2023

    TIAFT President Dimitri Gerostamoulos shares a special New Year's message and presents newly adopted constitutional and operational changes

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  • President’s Message - October 2023

    Published on: 16-10-2023

    TIAFT President Dimitri Gerostamoulos shares highlights from the annual meeting in Rome and presents suggested constitutional changes

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  • President’s Message - June 2023

    Published on: 21-06-2023

    TIAFT President Dimitri Gerostamoulos looks back at the recent 60th Jubilee celebration in London this past April, as well as providing some updates from the Board.

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  • President’s message - March 2023

    Published on: 28-03-2023

    TIAFT President Dimitri Gerostamoulos looks into the calendar on upcoming TIAFT events, and remind us about opportunities and deadlines for the upcoming annual meeting in Rome.

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  • President’s Message - December 2022

    Published on: 21-12-2022

    Dimitri summarizes 2022 and looks forward to 2023. He also reminds us to renew our memberships.

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  • President’s message - November 2022

    Published on: 31-10-2022

    TIAFT president Dimitri Gerostamoulos reflects on past and present TIAFT activities.

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  • President's Message – September 2022

    Published on: 27-09-2022

    TIAFT President Dimitri Gerostamoulos shares highlights and announces award winners from the recent annual meeting in Versailles, France

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  • President's Message – June 2022

    Published on: 09-06-2022

    TIAFT President Dimitri Gerostamoulos shares highlights and outcomes from the recent Board meeting in Ghent, Belgium.

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  • President’s Message – May 2022

    Published on: 06-05-2022

    A message from TIAFT President Dimitri Gerostamoulos, May 2022.

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  • President’s Message – March 2022

    Published on: 21-03-2022

    In his first President's message, Dr. Dimitri Gerostamoulos reflects upon both the outgoing and incoming Executive Boards and outlines some strategic initiatives.

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  • Elvis Has Left the Building! But Do You Care to Know More?

    Published on: 11-01-2022

    In his farewell message as TIAFT President, Marc LeBeau reflects on the last few years and his time as president.

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  • ‘Tis the Season

    Published on: 22-11-2021

    TIAFT president Dr Marc LeBeau examines the past year and where we are going next. This includes overhauls of both the public facing website and the Members' portal, formation of the Continuing Education Committee and the Bryan S. Finkle Visiting Scientist Award, and bringing in the Toxpod under the TIAFT umbrella. In the first week of February, TIAFT will host a virtual annual meeting including election of a new board and scientific talks from all over the world.

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  • When Life Gives You Lemons…

    Published on: 12-09-2021

    In his latest message, TIAFT president Marc LeBeau discusses the cancellation of the Cape Town meeting, the planned online annual meeting, and the results of the membership survey.

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  • It Is Always That FIRST Drop That Gets You!

    Published on: 25-04-2021

    If you have ever ridden on a roller coaster, you know the emotions that go along with it.  First, you patiently (or impatiently) wait your turn in the queue.  Then you nervously ensure that the harnesses are correctly buckled and tight.  You are thrilled as the ride starts up that first big incline.

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