TIAFT Continuing Education - Alcohol: Global Perspectives

May 10, 2022

Following up on the success of previous continuing education events, TIAFT’s Continuing Education Committee is delighted to serve you on May 10th (2-5 pm CEST; 8-11 am EST) a Webinar dedicated to alcohol. In this 3-hour webinar, four experts will explain different aspects of the forensic analysis of alcohol, including back-calculations, and alcoholic blackouts. The webinar will end with five country perspectives on alcohol analysis from five different continents.

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TIAFT Continuing Education Webinar

July 13, 2021

The TIAFT Continuing Education Committee is excited to present its inaugural webinar. This is an ongoing initiative that will be offered as an alternative educational opportunity and allows us to gather together virtually. We are very fortunate to have 5 world-class presenters addressing the topics of Therapeutic use of Psychedelic Drugs and Minimum Requirements of Drug Identification.

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