Procedure for the TIAFT grant for help in developing an analytical method.

A member from a lab sends a request to the President. This request contains the following information:

  • Name of the lab where the method will be developed.
  • Method that needs to be developed: target analytes, type of instrument, detection method (mass spectrometric or not), requested detection limits, et cetera.
  • Equipment on which the methods will be developed.
  • A list of equipment and reagents that are available in the lab. This includes standards, internal standards, buffers, solvents, analytical instrumentation, pipettes, columns, et cetera. All the equipment should be present in the lab when the application is made. The analytical instruments, like gas or liquid chromatographs, should be fully installed and operational. The request should contain pictures of the instrumentation as it is installed in the lab.
  • An estimation of the time needed for the young scientist to develop the method.
  • The name(s) and CV of the person(s) who will be present to assist the young scientist during his/her stay.
  • A list of the languages that are spoken by the staff.
  • An estimation of the costs for food and lodging for the young scientist, and a description of how this will be arranged.

The president submits the proposal to the Board. If approved, the president asks the President of the Young Scientists Committee to find a young scientist who is ready to go to the lab to develop the method.

When this person has been selected, he/she agrees on the dates with the lab and submits a budget for the transportation to the Treasurer. If the treasurer approves the budget, the ticket can be purchased.

After the stay, the member who has submitted the proposal writes a short report for the Board and the Bulletin.