• Development of a database to provide useful data for forensic toxicologists

    Published on: 23-07-2010

    The board is keen to seek assistance from suitably interested members to help Prof Donald Uges develop the database and agreed to seek an expression of interest from members. The committee have now drafted terms of reference to guide the development of the database and provide more useful data for forensic toxicologists. I would like anyone who has an interest and an ability to assist to contact me.

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  • Recommendations/outcomes from the board meeting

    Published on: 07-06-2010

    On the invitation of the Director Colonel Chimid Altankhishig of the Mongolian National Institute of Forensic Science the Board met in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. The board were shown some of the sights of Ulaanbaatar and surrounding areas and were dined in both modern restaurants as well as traditional Gers. A workshop was held on one of the days with presentations from board members, and others, including Prof Surenjav Unursaikhan director of the Poison Control Centre. The deputy Minister of Justice and Home Affairs Ms Vanchig Udval opened the workshop.

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  • A donation to TIAFT of Euros 80,000

    Published on: 02-02-2010

    Since my last note in November the Web Master has made active the new web-site. I hope as many of you as possible have had the opportunity to visit it and update your personal details. It will also allow you to pay your annual dues and publish your messages that can be read (and commented) by all members.

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  • First note for the year

    Published on: 20-01-2010

    This is my first note for the year. The deadline for submission of abstracts is very close - please submit abstracts. Details are available on our web page. The organisers have put together a great program for Bonn, the birthplace of Beethoven and the seat of the German parliament for almost 50 years.

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