Published on: 05-10-2022

The September 2022 issue of the TIAFT Bulletin is now available in the Members Area of the website! This Special Issue covers in depth the 2022 TIAFT Annual Meeting in Versailles.
Outgoing Editor's Message - By Sarah Wille (Belgium)
TIAFT Versailles Report - By Jean-Claude Alvarez (France)
Young Scientists Report - By Luke Rodda (USA)
2022 TIAFT Awards
TIAFT Achievement Award - By Andrea Steuer (Switzerland)
TIAFT Alan Curry Award - By Heesun Chung (Korea)
2022 SoHT Meeting Report - By Maria Del Mar Ramirez and the SoHT Board
TIAFT Board report: Secretary - By Carmen Jurado (Spain)
Upcoming Meeting: TIAFT 2023 Rome - By Simona Pichini and Francesco Paolo Busardò (Italy)