Published on: 07-04-2023

The March 2023 issue of the Bulletin is available in the Members' Area. This regional special issue features Canada and the US. Read an new chapter in the Statistics Primer series, learn about the history of cannabis in the US, drug incorporation into various matrices such as urine, oral fluid and hair--and more! We also welcome 2022's new TIAFT members.

Cannabis sativa: The Long and Winding Path in the USA - Michelle Peace, Alaina Holt & Justin Poklis (USA)

Employment-Related Drug Testing of Biological Materials - Robert M. White & Ruth E. Winecker (USA)

Is Canada Impervious to SCRAs? -Simon Ricard and team (Canada)

Statistics Primer for the Modern Toxicologist Chapter 8 - Brigitte Desharnais (Canada)

Young Scientist Corner - Jessica Ayala (USA)

Conference Reports from Analytica... (Munich, June 2022) - Linda Niendorf & Bjeorn Moosmann (Switzerland)

... and the TIAFT Latin American Regional Meeting (Mexico City, November/December 2022) - Carlos Enrique Diaz OtaƱez (Mexico)