Published on: 29-03-2022

The March 2022 issue of the TIAFT Bulletin is now available by logging into the members area of the website. In this issue we pay tribute to Donald Uges and Klaus Müller, read about NPS research in the Young Scientist corner, and enjoy multiple conference reports.

The enigmatic world of cannabis: part 2 – By Thomas Arkell (Australia)

Young Scientist: Toxicometabolomics of cathinone derivates – By Sacha Manier (Germany)

Young Scientist: ICSS as a behavioral screening assay for NPS – By Tyson Baird (USA)

Book report – By Torsten Arndt (Germany)

TIAFT/SOFT Randall Baselt webinar – By Charline Bottinelli & Laurie Gheddar (France)

TIAFT Latin America Regional Meeting - By Milagros Quintini (Ecuador)

TIAFT Virtual Meeting - By Liesel Janssens, Marthe Vandeputte & Marie Deventer (Belgium)

Tribute: Donald Uges – By Marilyn Huestis (USA)

Tribute: Klaus Müller – By Rokus de Zeeuw (The Netherlands)

Photo: Rome, Italy (TIAFT 2023), by Fineas Anton on