Published on: 28-06-2021

The June 2021 issue of the TIAFT Bulletin is now available by logging into the members area of the website. This issue contains the histories of caffeine and Δ8-THC. TIAFT members also pay tribute to Randall C Baselt and tell the story of "the red book". From the content:

Caffeine - our favourite psychostimulant - By Alan Wayne Jones (Sweden)

The rise of Δ8-THC in the USA - By Erin Karschner (USA)

Applications of High-resolution mass spectrometry in forensic casework  - By Helena Fels (Germany)

Im memorium: Randall C. Baselt - By Robert Flanagan (UK)

Untold stories from the 'Baselt' - By Karsten Stermmerich and colleagues (Germany)