Published on: 14-12-2021

The social and networking program is always a highlight of TIAFT conferences. This year will be no exception with eight dedicated networking sessions planned as part of our virtual program. Each session will include the following activities to choose from including: Mentoring, Culture and Meeting Spots.

First, would you like to meet our mentors? You will have the chance to chat with Ilkka Ojanperä, Pascal Kintz, Alain Verstraete, Olaf Drummer, Dimitri Gerostamoulos, Marilyn Huestis, Marc LeBeau, and Heesun Chung. Each will discuss their own special topics and then open the room for group discussions on science, as well as life outside of science.

As for culture, we plan to help you travel around the world with your friends and colleagues by enticing you with videos of some of the most wonderful places to visit. These videos will include exciting places to see in Europe; Australia; Asia; and South America, as well as a look at Yellowstone National Park in the United States and a Cape Town Vacation Guide.

And what about the typical meeting spots we all find at TIAFT Conferences? We will have an Irish pub, a French café and a Japanese teahouse open for you to chat with your dearest TIAFT friends. You are welcome to enter any place based on your time zone during the networking sessions. Simply invite your friends meet you “in the Irish Pub at 12:20pm CEST on Wednesday.” And don’t forget to “bring your own” beverages and snacks!

Please contact Heesun Chung or Donata Favretto with questions or to discuss further.