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TIAFT, is an international association of over 1200 members from all regions of the world who are actively engaged in analytical toxicology or allied areas. The aims of this association are to promote cooperation and coordination of efforts among members and to encourage research in forensic toxicology. The members come from the police force, medical examiners and coroners' laboratories, horseracing and sports doping laboratories, hospitals, departments of legal medicine, pharmacology, pharmacy and toxicology.


With the National Institute of Forensic Science, the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and the Victorian Forensic Science Centre situated within its boundaries, the city of Melbourne can lay claim to being the "Forensic Capital" of Australia. A forensic toxicology department is a critically important component of any forensic science institution. So much can depend on the skill, experience and integrity of its staff. International meetings can do much to maintain and, indeed enhance those qualities. Not only are the papers presented and the seminars and workshops of value but so are many informal contacts and discussions, which can lead to rewarding professional relationships. So if your interest lies in forensic toxicology and like disciplines come and join us in Melbourne in the spring of 2003. A warm welcome awaits you.

John Harber Phillips AC
Chief Justice of Victoria;
Chairman, National Institute of Forensic Science and Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine


On behalf of the organising committee I would like to invite TIAFT members and other persons interested in the developments and applications of forensic toxicology and its allied sciences to Melbourne. TIAFT is an international association with a focus on the education of persons interested in forensic toxicology around the world including our colleagues in developing countries. Our symposium is focused on providing an open forum to discuss developments in forensic toxicology as applied to clinical toxicology, drug monitoring, urinalysis for medico-legal reasons, criminal and death investigations and sports testing. The symposium will focus on new technical developments including use of LC-MS and on-site detection of drugs. A symposium has been planned to discuss developments in on-site testing in oral fluids.

The theme of plenary and key note speakers include drug trends in South East Asia and other parts of the world, applications of pharmacokinetics in forensic toxicology, toxicology of serotonin active drugs, technological developments in forensic toxicology, on-site testing, and analysis of venoms and toxins.

Two workshops have been planned on behalf of the Australasian forensic toxicologists sponsored by the National Institute of Forensic Science (NIFS) in Australia. These will be training-based workshops focused on the themes of "advanced pharmacology" and "applications of LC-MS". In addition, a satellite AusTox meeting will be held on the Friday after the TIAFT meeting focused on Quality Assurance programs and technical issues associated with urine testing for drugs of abuse.

A great social program has been developed to make delegates not only feel welcome but to sample the very pleasant ambience and hospitality of Melburnians. Consider extending your trip to Melbourne to include a vacation and to sample other parts of this great State and of Australia, generally.

I look forward to seeing you in Melbourne.

Olaf H. Drummer
Chairman, TIAFT2003 Organising Committee


41st International TIAFT meeting
Chairperson: Prof. Olaf H. Drummer (
Deputy Chairperson & Secretary: Dr. Jim Gerostamoulos (
Sponsorship & Events: Ms Mary Boratto (
Secretariat: Dr. Mick Gould, Convention Associates Pty Ltd
13 Jeffrey Street, Mount Waverley, 3149, Australia
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