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    Instructions for abstract and poster presentation
"Abstract" Preparation Instructions for Authors

Please follow these instructions carefully. Abstracts that do not conform to the required format will be returned for reformatting.

PAGE SIZE: Please set the page size to A4, NOT Letter or Custom.

FORMAT AND SIZE: The dimensions of the abstract must not exceed 17 cm wide x 16 cm deep, including the title, authors, and institutional addresses. To achieve this using A4 paper, set all margins to 2 cm. This will allow inclusion of the contact information detailed below. The font to be used throughout is 11 point Times New Roman.

TITLE: The Title should be typed in bold, upper case and should be left aligned, not justified. Include a carriage return at the end of the title but do not include a blank line after the title. Do not include a full stop at the end of the title.

AUTHOR'S NAMES: The Author's Names should be typed in lower case and should be left aligned, not justified. The format for author's names is initials <no full stops> surname <comma> with an underline under the presenting author's name. Include a carriage return after the last author but do not add a blank line after the names. Do not include a full stop after the last name.

INSTITUTIONS: The Institutions should be typed in lower case and should be left aligned, not justified. Use superscript numbers to link authors to institutions if there is more than one institution. Include only the institution, city, state, and country (if not Australia). Do not include the street address or postcode. Addresses should be separated by a semicolon. A single blank line should follow the institutions. Do not include a full stop after the last institution.

ABSTRACT TEXT: The abstract text should be fully justified. The text should be typed as a single paragraph with no paragraph indentations. Use the headings Aims:, Methods:, Results:, and Conclusions: typed in bold (including the colon), where applicable. Do not include a carriage return after the headings.
Keywords: Provide up to four key words at the bottom of the abstract. If the text will not fit within the specified size, edit it to fit; do not use a font size less than 11 point.

Please note that abstracts which do not contain experimental results may be rejected.

CONTACT DETAILS SUBMITTING AUTHOR: In the space below the abstract (please leave 4 lines) please type the following information. Name of the submitting author, postal address, telephone, fax and email address. Please indicate if the abstract is submitted for "Oral", "Poster" or "either Oral or Poster" presentation. Please note that final assignment of oral or poster presentation will be at the discretion of the organisers.

There are four slots for presentation of abstracts at the AusTox workshop on Friday 21 (urinalysis, QAP in urinalysis). Please indicate this preference on the bottom of the abstract.

REGISTRATION OF PRESENTING AUTHOR: The presenting author must be registered for the conference for an abstract to be considered. Abstracts received prior to registration will not be considered until registration has been received.

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: Abstracts should be submitted as Microsoft Word for Windows documents with a ".doc" extension. If this is not possible, save as a Rich Text File (.rtf). The abstract should be saved with the filename "TIAFT - author surname". Abstracts should be submitted as an attachment to an email to The subject line of the email MUST be "TIAFT Abstract - author surname".
Abstracts will not be accepted by fax.
The deadline for receipt of abstracts has been extended to 1 August, 2003.

The presenting author will be sent an email confirming the receipt of the abstract. If such advice is not received within 5 working days, the presenting author should contact the conference organizer at to ensure that it has not gone astray.
If any abstract submitted is not accepted and as a result the author was unable to attend, the fees will be refunded in full.

PLEASE NOTE: by clicking here, you will download an example of abstract in Microsfot Word format.


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