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We would like to acknowledge the generous support of our sponsors. Without this support we would not be able to present such an interesting and varied program.


Gold Sponsor

Cozart Bioscience

Cozart Bioscience, based in Oxford UK, are specialists in drugs of abuse diagnostics and offer solutions for both laboratory based and on-site drug detection systems (see
Cozart's laboratory based Microplate enzyme immunoassay (EIA) kits can be used with a broad range of sample matrices including whole blood, hair and saliva and can detect the presence of a wide range of drugs. The system may be used manually or automated and can deal with any workload. Cozart Microplate kits are highly sensitive, detecting very small traces of drugs in challenging biological samples.
The Cozart Rapiscan is an innovative, on-site saliva drug testing system which provides reliable results in minutes. The Rapiscan system is easy and straightforward to use and allows simultaneous detection of up to five different drugs from a single sample. Collection of oral fluid is simple, painless and minimises the chance of sample adulteration. The hand-held unit removes all subjectivity from the diagnosis. It accurately times the incubation period, reads, interprets and stores the results which are displayed on the screen and can be printed. The system can be used in dim light or outside, where visual interpretation may be difficult.
Cozart products are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Bio-Mediq DPC Pty. Ltd. PO Box 106, Doncaster, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.
Contact Kevin Walsh at

Silver Sponsors

Agilent Technologies

Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis
For over 20 years Agilent Technologies (previously part of the Hewlett-Packard organization) has sustained a reputation for innovation and solutions focused service to the forensics community.
You never know what you may be asked to do today. Check for the presence of an accelerant in a charred remnant from a suspected arson scene. Confirm the identity and purity of a possible illicit drug. Perhaps determine alcohol levels in a blood sample from a suspected drunk driver.
With increasing focus on homeland security Agilent Technologies has solutions to detect, identify and confirm chemical and biological warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. If you are involved in the detection and monitoring of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA), Biological Warfare Agents (BWA), or Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC), Agilent has a solution to meet your needs.
Agilent offer a broad range of hardware-software solutions covering GC, GCMS, HPLC, LCMS, ICPMS, CE and most recently the Bioanalyser for complex PCR analyses.
Whatever it is, Agilent Technologies has the tools you need to get the job done right.
Our measurement systems are flexible enough to handle a broad range of applications and rugged enough to provide you with outstanding uptime. And because your work has to stand up in a court of law, we make sure our instruments, systems, and support services give you consistently unsurpassed performance.
More information about Agilent is available via the Web at:

Dade Behring

Across a range of laboratory disciplines Dade Behring has one of the broadest range of products available in diagnostics today, with leadership positions in several diagnostic fields. Our focus is on innovation, ease of use and providing cost effective solutions.
In the field of drug monitoring, Dade Behring plays a key role as one of the industry's leaders in therapeutic drug monitoring, drug of abuse testing and immunosuppressive drug monitoring with its Syva Emit® methodology and Dimension® system product lines. Combining the flexibility of independent reagent systems and fully automated platforms, Dade Behring has the broadest offering of laboratory solutions. The Syva brand products have been used for more than 32 years and the Syva reputation as "gold standard" stands strong.
Dade Behring offers full range of drug testing products including a fully automated, no pre-treatment cyclosporine assay. Additional information about all of our products can be found on our website

Roche Diagnostics

Roche Diagnostics invites you to visit our exhibit where our representatives will discuss the new, improved range of liquid DAT (Drugs of Abuse) immunoassays.
Enhanced ONLINE® DAT II liquid reagents with expanded dynamic range, improved precision, and additional cutoff levels offer reliability at decision points and operational efficiency. Instrument choices from Roche Diagnostics include the COBAS Integra®, Roche/Hitachi and MODULAR® ANALYTICS products. Coupled with our broad range of reagents these platforms enable laboratories of all sizes to meet their diagnostic testing requirements across several disciplines.
We welcome the opportunity to work with you to understand your needs for consolidation and integration of the laboratory. We are committed to listening and understanding your goals and offering the broadest portfolio of proven solutions to help you achieve them. ONLINE® DAT II... Results matter!

Varian Inc.

Varian, Inc. pioneers tools and applications for societally critical applications in toxicology and drug testing.
Our toxicology offering includes trusted standards such as Toxilab drug screening kits and Bond Elut Certify drug confirmation cartridges. We are also proud to introduce cutting-edge technologies such as the 1200 Quadrupole MS, interchangeable between LC and GC with minimal effort, the Factor Four GC column line offering lowest bleed and highest sensitivity of ANY GC column in the world, and the innovative On-Site and OraLab drug screening kits for point-of-care testing.
With over 50 years of technical expertise and state-of-the-art test kits, analytical supplies and breakthrough instrumentation, Varian provides the best partner for today's toxicologist.
Visit or call our global headquarters USA 650.213.8000 to find your local Varian sales office or authorized distributor.

Sponsor of Opening Ceremony and Internet Cafe


Microgenics Corporation is a USA based manufacturing company with Innovative products in the areas of drug of abuse testing Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Immunosuppressive drug monitoring.
Our Cyclosporine A assay is a dual assay using two calibration curves and is ideal for both low precision at the low assay range and for C2 monitoring with-out sample dilution. The sample pre-treatment is simple with no centrifugation and is easily automated.
In the area of drug of abuse testing Microgenics has two methods available for Immunoassay, the DRI, EIA technique and the CEDIA technique, with innovative products such as Heroin Metabolite assay, Amphetamine / Ecstasy cocktail assay, High Sensitivity Benzodiazepine assay and Methadone Metabolite assay. Additional information can be found on our web site, ( or contacting us directly by e-mail.
Microgenics, drug testing for professionals.

Sponsor of Oral Fluid Symposium

Dräger Safety Pacific

Established in 1963 in Australia, Dräger Safety Pacific manufactures and supplies drug and alcohol measuring devices to police and industry.
Contact Rod Tattersall at

Other Sponsors

National Institute of Forensic Science (NIFS)
NIFS sponsors and supports research in forensic science. It advises on and assists with the development and co-ordination of forensic science services within Australia. It supports, co-ordinates and conducts training programs in forensic science; and conduct relevant quality assurance programs.
In carrying out its core functions, NIFS will further develop and maintain sound working relationships with education providers and the international forensic science community. This is a key factor in the Australian forensic community achieving international best practice.
NIFS have supported the scientific program and the Advanced Pharmacology and LC-MS workshops.

Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM)
The VIFM has supported the scientific program and the organizing committee.
The Institute is responsible for the provision of forensic medical, forensic pathological and associated scientific services, such as forensic toxicology, in the State of Victoria, Australia.

This is a urine toxicology proficiency program run by Dr John Lewis of the Pacific Laboratory Medicine Services, North Ryde, Sydney. For more details contact Dr John Lewis at


41st International TIAFT meeting
Chairperson: Prof. Olaf H. Drummer (
Deputy Chairperson & Secretary: Dr. Jim Gerostamoulos (
Sponsorship & Events: Ms Mary Boratto (
Secretariat: Dr. Mick Gould, Convention Associates Pty Ltd
13 Jeffrey Street, Mount Waverley, 3149, Australia
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