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Please note that the 16th world conference of the International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS) will take place the week after our meeting, in Montpellier, which is about 780 km to the south of Paris. All information is available through Internet at

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  Scientific Program

Tuesday, August 27

Drugs of abuse 1 : 14.30 to 15.45
Chair : Marilyn Huestis and Laurent Rivier

Impact factors of forensic science and toxicology journals - what do the numbers really mean?
Jones A.W.

The first documented fatality in London due to GHB overdose
Lemos N.P., Lee T.D., Holt D.W.

Simple extraction of gamma-hydroxybutyrate in human whole blood by headspace solid-phase microextraction (SPME)
Ishii A., Kurihara R., Hirata K., Hirata Y., Hamajima M., Watanabe-Suzuki K., Suzuki O., Katsumata Y.

Characteristics of cocaine using patients presenting to an inner city emergency department
Blaho K.E., Park L.J., Gresham H.W.

Ethyl ecgonidine and nor-ecgonidine, two new metabolites of cocaine smoking, in human urine
Paul B.D. , Addison J. W.

Drugs of abuse 2 : 16.30 to 18.15
Chair : Vina Spiehler and Alain Verstraete

Analytical aspects of Volatile Substance Abuse (VSA): about a case report
Gaulier J.-M., Faict T.W., Sayer H., Fabre M., Lachâtre G.

Determination of Nalbuphine in samples from nalbuphine abusers and rat
Chung H., Park M., Han E., Choi H., Sohn H., Choi C., Yoo Y.

Substance abuse and in-custody deaths
Blaho K.E., Beauvois E. J..,

A nine-years experience of workplace drug testing in Brazil
Wong A., Tawil N., Yonamine M., Silva O.

4-Methoxyamphetamine on the illicit Belgian drug market as a brown powder: synthesis and correlations with findings in the deceased's body fluids
Waumans D., Bruneel N., Tytgat J.

Urinary excretion profiles of 11-Nor-9-Carboxy-D9-Tetrahydrocannabinol:
A D9-THC-COOH to creatinine ratio study
Fraser A.D., Worth D.

Comparison of daily saliva, urine, sweat, and skin wipes, among cocaine users
Smith F.P., Kidwell D.A., Kidwell J.D., Shinohara F., Harper C., Roarty K., Bernadt K., McCaulley R.A.

Wednesday, August 28

New Analytical tools 1 : 09.00 to 10.45
Chair : Akira Ishii and Franco Tagliaro

Comparative study of simplified sample preparation on ionization efficiency of ESI and APCI and development of a sensitive LC-MS/MS method for the analysis of multiple drugs of abuse in biological fluids
Dams R., Murphy C., Choo R , Lambert W., and Huestis M.

Equivalence testing between commercial SPE sorbents for the sample clean-up in systematic toxicological analysis using LC-MS/MS
Decaestecker T., Coopman E., Van Peteghem C., Van Bocxlaer J.

LC/MS/MS and GC/MS determination of codeine disposition in classical and alternative biological matrices
Kolber I., Labarthe A., Schneider S., Yegles M., Wennig, R.

Potentials of ion trap collisional spectroscopy for the LC-ESI-MS-MS determination of buprenorphine and nor-buprenorphine in blood, urine and hair samples
Favretto D., Tedeschi L., Maietti S., Castagna F., Frison G., Ferrara S.D.

Screening, identification and validated quantification of fourteen neuroleptics and their metabolites in plasma by APCI-LC-MS
Kratzsch C., Weber A.A., Kraemer T. and Maurer H.H

Transfer of a general unknown screening procedure for drugs and toxic compounds on a prototype hybrid RF/DC quadrupole-linear ion-trap mass spectrometer
Marquet P., Saint-Marcou F., Gamble T.N., Leblanc J.C.Y., Guiller A.

LC-MS analyses for the screening, confirmation and quantification of about 60 drugs in whole blood from autopsy cases
Krogh M., Syversen P.V., Hasvold I., Gulliksen M., Johansen U., Johnsen L., Olsen L.H., Ripel Å., Christophersen A.S.

New Analytical tools 2 : 11.15 to 13.00
Chair : Carmen Jurado and Patrice Mangin

Determination of LSD, iso-LSD, nor-LSD and 2-oxo-3-hydroxy-LSD in blood and urine samples by liquid chromatography-electrospray-ion trap multiple mass spectrometry
Favretto D., Frison G., Maietti L., Tedeschi L., Ferrara S.D.

Simultaneous determination of eight drugs of abuse and codeine in saliva by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry
Mortier K.A., Lambert W.E., Van Bocxlaer J.F., Deforce D.L., Van Peteghem C.H., De Leenheer A.P.

Fully automated gas chromatographic / mass spectrometric detection of cannabinoids in hair samples using headspace solid-phase microextraction or headspace solid-phase dynamic extraction
Musshoff F., Lachenmeier D.W., Kroener L., Madea B.

GC-MS determination of eleven amphetamine analogs and ephedrines in plasma, urine and hair samples after derivatization with 2,2,2 trichloroethyl chloroformate
Frison G., Tedeschi L., Favretto D.,Ferrara S.D.

Contribution of the Raman spectroscopy in the characterization of ecstasy derivatives
Belhadj-Tahar H., MolnarY.G., Payoux P., Coulais Y., Costes J.P., Robert L,
Esquerre J.P., Bousseksou A.

Detection of quaternary amines by capillary electrophoresis-UV
Scott F.J., Miller M.L.

NMR spectroscopy as a useful tool for diagnosis of poisonings
Imbenotte M., Azaroual N., Cartigny B., Vermeersch G., Lhermitte M.


Session 1
Clinical Forensic Toxicology

Enzymatic hydrolysis improves the sensitivity of EMIT screening for urinary benzodiazepines
Borrey D., Meyer E., Duchateau L., Lambert W., Van Peteghem C., De Leenheer A.P.

A simple and rapid method for the determination of carboxyhemoglobin and total hemoglobin in toxicological laboratories.
Cruz A., Bal M.J, Quintela O., Concheiro M., Gallardo E., López-Rivadulla M.

Determination of local anesthetics in human plasma using solid phase microextraction and GC-MS
Gallardo E., Quintela O., Cruz A., López-Rivadulla M.

HPLC/Photodiode array detection combined with ESI/MS detection : a powerful tool for large screening of bioactive molecules in complex biological matrices. Elaboration of an UV/ESI/MS spectra library enabling fast and reliable compound identification
L. Humbert , F. Grisel , G. Bondoux , M. Lhermitte

Effects of intestinal motility on ethanol absorption
Isobe E., Tsukamoto S., Hirose M., Nagoya T.

On-column derivatization for determination of amphetamine and methamphetamine in biological materials by GC/ MS
Nishida M., Namera A., Yashiki M., Kojima T.

A fatal forensic intoxication study with Fenarimol: comparative analysis by HPLC/DAD and HPLC/DAD/MSD.
Proença P., Pinho Marques E., Teixeira H., Castanheira F., Barroso M., Ávila S., Vieira D.N.

LC-MS determination of urinary 5-hydroxytryptophol glucuronide
Stephanson N., Beck O., Dahl H., Helander A.

The mortality structure in cases of acute searing liquids poisonings (1992-2001)
Tchernov N.V., Sarmanaev S.Kh., Akhmetov I.R., Kondrashova S.R., Salmanov A.A, Bessolitzina A.M., Akhmerova O.P., Teregulova Z.S.

Tissue and plasma determination of 4-methyl-pyrazole in methanol acute poisoning
Wallemacq P., Di Fazio V., Vanbinst R., König J., Hantson Ph.

Detection of massive cephazolin concentrations in CSF associated with neurotoxicity
Wallemacq P., Di Fazio V., Carlier E., Govaerts D.

Simultaneous quantification of psychotherapeutic drugs in human plasma and whole blood by tandem mass spectrometry
Wood M., Morris M.

Three compicated body packer in Loghman Hospital in Tehran
Zahra A., Mahshid A., Hossein H.,

Application of acetone, methanol and iso-propanol for recognition of people addicted to alcohol
Zuba D., Gubaca W., Parczewski A., Piekoszewski W.

Session 2
Alternative specimens

Detection of the use of low doses of benzodiazepines using oral fluid by the Cozart RapiScan System and Microplate EIA
Baldwin D., Hussain M., Jehanli A., Hand C.

Hair analysis for opiates. Evaluation of washing and incubation procedures
Balíková M. A., Habrdová V.,

Buprenorphine in saliva
De Giovanni N., Fucci N., Chiarotti M.

Effect of oral fluid collection method on speed of salivation and drug recovery following codeine administration
Fernandes V., Baldwin D., Jehanli A.

The chiral analysis of methadone and its two main metabolites (EDDP and EMDP) in biological matrices by LC-MS-MS and CE
Kelly T., Dawson M., Doble P., Conn C.

Influx and efflux of drugs in pigmented and non-pigmented melanocytes
Martin S., Borges C., Rollins D., Wilkins D.

Windows of detection for opiates using oral fluids
Niedbala R.S., Salamone S.J., Hunter P., Clark J., Feeley B.

Rapid detection of opiates in oral fluid using the UPlinkDSystem: a new technology platform for on-site drug testing
Niedbala R.S., Burton J., Fasolka S., Feindt H.H., Jinks C., Kuntz C., Parmar G., Waga J., Salamone S.J.

Inter-individual dose/concentration relationship for methadone in hair
Paterson S. , Cordero R., McPhillips M. , Carman S.

Rapid and sensitive cocaine analysis in hair using ChromatoProbe device.
Pieraccini G., Moneti G., Villanelli F., Marsili R., M. Chiarotti

Incorporation of toluene and xylene metabolites into rat hair
Saito T., Kusakabe T., Takeichi S.

Investigation into the hair analysis of eight benzodiazepines and their incorporation rates into rat hair
Scott K.S., Nakahara Y.

Tandem mass spectrometry for the analysis of drugs of abuse in human hair
Sims D.N., Stockham P.C.

Determination of opiates and amphetamine in hair of detoxification and methadone treatment patients addicted to home made "polish heroin"
Stanaszek R., Piekoszewski W., Karakiewicz B, Kozielec T.

Hair analysis for detection of drugs: the use of multiple and single sections on the interpretation of drug use for medical-legal purposes
Tsanaclis L.M., Wicks J.F.C.

Gestational drug exposure profile in neonates by GC-MS hair analysis and prediction of withdrawal syndrome
Vinner E.,Vignau J., Thibault D., Codaccioni X., Brassart C., Humbert L., Lhermitte M.

SPME-GC/MS and headspace-GC analyses of THC, amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine and ethanol in saliva samples
Yonamine M., Moreau R.L.M., Silva O.A.

Session 3
Alcohol, Drugs and Driving

Ethyl glucuronide concentrations in two successive urinary voids from drinking drivers; relationship to creatinine content, blood- and urine-ethanol and phase of ethanol metabolism
Bergström J., Helander A., Jones A.W.

Carbohydrate deficient transferrin (CDT) as a predictor of "drunk driving" risk
Bortolotti F., Trettene M., Gottardo R., Bernini M., Ricossa C., Ferrari A., Tagliaro F.

Turbidimetric determination of carbohydrate-deficient transferrin on Roche/Hitachi analyzers - results of a multicenter evaluation
Domke I., Helander A., Janssens P., van Pelt J., Schwarz M., Soyka M., Springer B.,
Weigl G.

Alcohol and drugs in drivers suspected of driving under the influence of an intoxicant in Ireland
Furney P., Flynn K., Harrington G., Leavy C.P., Cusack D.A.

Accidents and driving under the influence of drugs
Moeller M.R., Engel O.

Enantioselective determination of amphetamine like designer drugs in DUID cases? A chiral look at plasma samples from a controlled study with MDMA and from clinical toxicological cases
Peters F.T., Samyn N., Kraemer T., De Boeck G., Lamers C., Maurer H.H.

Liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for the determination of selected benzodiazepines
Quintela O., Cruz A., de Castro A., López-Rivadulla M.

Driving while influence of alcohol : a retrospective study of blood alcohol concentrations in Guadeloupe, FWI (1990 - 2000)
Ragoucy-Sengler C., Bangou J., Temmar H., Deveaux M.

The sensitive determination of ethylglucuronide as a marker for alcohol consumption by LC/Negative Ionspray-MS/MS
Schaefer P., ThieraufA., Mueller C.A., Vogt S., Weinmann W.

Blood/breath ratio at low alcohol levels : a controlled study
Skåle A.G., Slørdal L., Wethe G., Mørland J.

Alcohol, drugs and driving problems in Czech Republic
Stablová R., Valenta V.

Ethanol in blood and breath after professional tasting of alcoholic beverages
Vevelstad M.S., Mørland J.

Comparison of clinical and biological data from hospitalised drivers involved in non fatal traffic accidents
Vincent F., Eysseric H., Barjhoux C.E., Saviuc P., Jourdil N., Mallaret M., Bessard J.,
Mura P., Bessard G.

A contribution to the evaluation of changes to the Road Traffic Safety Act
Zorec Karlovsek M., Prezelj M.

Presence of alcohol and drugs in road users killed in accidents in Slovenia in 2001
Zorec Karlovsek M., Kozelj G., Pezdir T., Kustrin A.

Thursday, August 29

Joint venture with the International Association of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology
Clinical forensic toxicology 1 : 09.00 to 10.30
Chair : Hans Maurer and Albert Fraser

Gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) concentrations in humans and factors affecting endogenous production: a volunteer study
Elliot S.P.

Plasma concentrations of MDMA, GHB and other drugs and medical problems in subjects needing emergency medical care at nocturnal dance parties in Ghent, Belgium
Verstraete A.G., Monsieurs K., Van de Velde E., Rousseau F., Van Sassenbroeck D.K., Buylaert W.

Drug facilitated sexual assault - How far can toxicological screening go?
Lewis J.H.

Identification of thiopental and pentobarbital in head and pubic hair by SPME and GC-MS-MS in a case of drug-facilitated sexual assault
Frison G., Favretto D., Tedeschi L., Ferrara S.D.

Some unusual analytical approaches to forensic toxicological cases
Kala M.

Do TIAFT members care about iatrogenic poisonings?
Uges D.R.A.

Clinical forensic toxicology 2 : 11.00 to 12.30
Chair : Corinne Charlier and Donald Uges

GC-MS studies on the metabolism and toxicological analysis of the new pyrroli-dinohexanophenone designer drug 4'-methyl-alphapyrrolidinohexano-phenone (MPHP)
Springer D., Peters F.T. , Fritschi G., Maurer H.H.

GC-MS studies on the metabolism and toxicological analysis of the designer drug paramethoxymethamphetamine (PMMA)
Staack R.F., Fehn J., Maurer H.H.

Acute nitrobenzene poisoning with severe associated methemoglobinemia : identification in blood by GC-FID /GC-MS
Martínez M.A., Ballesteros S., Almarza E., Sánchez de la Torre C., Búa S.

Analysis of perhexiline and its hydroxy metabolite in serum
Couch R

Fatal poisoning in childhood, England & Wales 1968-2000
Flanagan RJ, Rooney C

Human serum paraoxonase (PON1) activity in acute organophosphorous
insecticide poisoning
Akgür S.A., Öztürk P., Solak I., Moral A.R., Ege B.

Joint venture with the Society of Hair Testing
Alternative specimens : 14.00 to 15.45
Chair : Christian Staub and Hans Sachs

Proficiency test for the analysis of hair for drugs of abuse, organized by the Society of Hair Testing
Jurado C., Sachs H.

Determination of ketamine in human hair by GC-MS after derivatization with 2,2,2 trichloroethyl chloroformate
Tedeschi L., Frison G., Castagna F., Ferrara S.D.

Segmental hair analysis of benzodiazepines with ion spray LC-MS-MS:
an application to psychiatric after care
Kronstrand R., Nyström I., Josefsson M.

Fentanyl in human hair by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
LeBeau M.A., Montgomery M.A., Schaff J.E., Quenzer C.F.

Determination of Cathinone, Cathine, Norephedrin and metabolites in hair of Yemenite Khat chewers
Sporkert F., Pragst F., Bachus R., Al-Warith H., Harms L.

High prevalence of 6-acetylmorphine in morphine positive oral fluid specimens
Cone E.J., Presley L., Niedbala R.S.

Comparison of Cozart Oral Fluid Cocaine ELISA and GC/MS results following controlled administration of cocaine HCl
Huestis M.A., Barnes A. J., Schepers R., Kim I, Moolchan E. T., Oyler J., Wilson L., Cooper G., Reid C., Hand C.

Alcohol, Drugs and Driving: 16.15 to 18.00
Chair : Manfred Moeller and Wayne Jones

Driving under the influence of drugs in Victoria, Australia
Gerostamoulos J., McCaffrey P., Drummer O.H.

The growing incidence of drugs of abuse in New South Wales traffic deaths
Hodda A.

Drugs and driving in Sweden in 2001 - experience from a new legislation
Ahlner J., Holmgren P.

A study of driving behavior in cocaine-related motor vehicle fatalities in metropolitan Detroit
Isenschmid D.S., Hepler B.R., Kanluen S.

Limitations of Syva RapidCup d.a.u.TM 6 in Miami-Dade County driving under the influence (DUI) roadside testing: a comparison with laboratory Roche OnLine( immunoassay and confirmation by GC/MS
Raymon L.P., Gennaro W.D., Walls H.C., Steele B.W.

Prevalence of illicit drugs in blood samples of young drivers involved in accidents in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
Rentsch D., Marschner P., Below E.

Statistical evaluation of analytical findings from corresponding blood and oral fluid taken at the roadside
Kauert G.F., Moeller M.R., Maurer H.J., Steinmeyer S., Toennes S.W.


Session 4
New analytical tools

Comparison of Accustrip rapid test with laboratory testing for amphetamines, opiates, cannabis, cocaine and benzodiazepines
Beck O., Nordgren H., Rämö T.

Automated headspace solid-phase microextraction and capillary gas chromatography analysis of ethanol in postmortem specimens
De Martinis B.S., Martin C.C.S.

Detection and complete separation of very different acid and neutral drugs by means of a combination of GC-ion trap-MS and HPTLC-UV-spectrometry
Demme U., Ahrens B., Werner R., Klein A.

Qualitative screening of blood for 240 therapeutic and illegal drugs using liquid chromatography/ tandem mass spectrometry
Gergov M., Ojanperä I., Vuori E.

An efficient and accurate blood sample collection, storage and reporting system
Giguiere W., Benson S., Jafari H., Cvejic S.

Ultrasonic derivatization procedures : a new rapid and effective method in STA for
GC-MS sample preparation
Hallbach J

Selectivity of substance identification by HPLC-DAD in toxicological analysis using a UV spectra library of 2,682 compounds
Herzler M., Herre S., Pragst F.

Development of a rapid, on-site diagnostic test for buprenorphine and norbuprenorphine in urine
Hussain M., Fernandes V., Baldwin D., Jehanli A.

Evaluation of LC-MS-MS for rational quantification of a number of neuroleptics in human body fluids and tissues
Josefsson M., Andersson J.

Analysis of probenecid in urine by Liquid Chromatography - Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS-MS)
Kelly T., Dawson M.

Rapid and simple quantitation of methamphetamine using homogeneous time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay based on luminescence resonance energy transfer from europium to cyanine dye (Cy5)
Kimura H., Takagi K., Mukaida M., Matsumoto K.

Usefulness of ICP-MS for the determination of trace metals in various matrices
Labat L., Dehon B., Dhorne C., Lhermitte M.

Some important remarks on LC/MS-APCI determination of drugs in body fluids
Psilocin example
Lechowicz W., Skulska A., Parczewski A.

A new sensitive procedure for quantification of manganese in tissues by use of electron spin resonance
Minakata K., Suzuki O.

Yohimbine and 11-OH-yohimbine analysis by LC/MS and LC/MS/MS
Montgomery M.A., Jufer R.A., LeBeau M.A.

Combining an ESI-CID mass spectra and a UV-spectra library of drugs with an Access database for clinical and forensic-toxicological analysis
Mueller C.A., Vogt S., Schaefer P., Weinmann W.

Use of LC-MS-MS for direct detection of drugs of abuse in diluted urine
Nordgren H., Beck O.

Qualitative screening analysis of autopsy urine samples by improved LC/TOF/MS method
Pelander A., Ojanperä I., Gergov M., Vuori E.

Precise gas chromatography with retention time locking in broad scale toxicological screening for drugs in blood
Rasanen I., Kontinen I., Nokua J., Ojanperä I., Vuori E.

Surface-Ionization methods of detection, identification and quantitative analysis of opiates in biosamples
Rasulev U.Kh., Khasanov U., Iskhakova S.S., Usmanov D.T., Mikhailin A.V.

Surface-Ionization Mass-Spectrometry: high sensitivity detection of carbamazepine in post-mortem materials
Rasulev U.Kh., Khasanov U., Nabiev U.O., Shakhitov M.M., Islamov T.Kh.

Validation of tandem analytical methods with Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry techniques
Sánchez B.J.F.

Computer-assisted evaluation of mass spectrometric data in systematic toxicological analyses
Stimpfl Th., Vycudilik W., Demuth W., Varmuza K.

Selective extraction of scopolamine from biological fluids, using a molecularly imprinted polymer prepared for hyoscyamine
Theodoridis G., Kantifes A., Manesiotis P., Raikos N., Tsoukali H.

Development of a rapid and sensitive method for the quantification of benzodiazepines in human plasma by LC-MS/MS
Wood M., De Boeck G., Samyn N., Maes V., Morris M.

Simultaneous identification and quantification of beta-receptor blocking agents in human urine by LC/ion trap mass spectrometry
Wüst B., Thevis M.

Enantioselective analysis of amphetamines in saliva with capillary electrophoresis
Zimmermann J.R., Duchstein H.J.

Session 5
Postmortem toxicology

Lethal intoxications in the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Greifswald - an analysis over the last fifty years
Below E., Lignitz E.

Increased postmortem concentrations of K+ in the vitreous humour in heroin overdose deaths
Bortolotti F., Gottardo R., Trettene M., Cittadini F., Tagliaro F., Marigo M.

Findings in a fatality involving the neuromuscular blocking agent vecuronium
Cirimele V., Kintz P., Pépin G., Ludes B.

A comprehensive study on the determination of cyanide in forensic blood samples by headspace gas chromatography with electron capture detector
Dao K.L., Lee C.W.

Forensic intoxications by new antidepressants : report of 22 cases
Deveaux M., Ferroul D., Leman C., Gosset D.

Effect of putrifaction on the antidepressant amitriptyline (Tryptizole(r))
Elkaradawy M.H., Eldin M.F., Elmahdi M.L.

Further evidence for the presence of GHB in post mortem biological fluid: implications for the interpretation of findings
Elliott S.P.

Formic acid in tissue as indicator parameter in methanol intoxication : a proposition of poisoning index
Ferrari L. A., Giannuzzi L., Nardo C. A., Arado M. G., Nieto R. R.

Morphine and 6-mam in blood: possible risk factors for sudden death in 192 heroin users
Fugelstad A., Ahlner J., Brandt L., Ceder G., Eksborg S, Rajs J., Beck O.

Post mortem detection of taxol (paclitaxel) by LC-EI/MS-MS in a case of suicide due to massive ingestion of yew's needles (Taxus baccata).
Gaillard Y., Blaise P., Barbier T., Pépin G.

An unusual cause of death: suffocation due to leaves of common ivy (Hedera helix). Detection of hederacoside C, alpha-hederin and hederagenin by LC-EI/MS-MS
Gaillard Y., Blaise P., Darré A., Barbier T., Pépin G.

Toxicity of flecainide
Gerostamoulos J., Lynch M., Drummer O.H.

Performance of immunoassays in screening for opiates, cannabinoids and amphetamines in whole blood
Hino Y., Ojanperä I., Rasanen I., Vuori E.

An autopsy case of mixed-drug intoxication involving anti-arrhythmic drugs and cardiac glycoside
Kinoshita H., Taniguchi T., Nishiguchi M., Ouchi H., Minami T., Utsumi T.,
Motomura H., Tsuda T., Ohta T., Aoki S., Komeda M., Kubota A., Hishida S.

Amphetamine and derivarives related deaths in the aspect of forensic toxicology
Klys M., Brandys J., Bystrowska B., Bujak -Gicycka B.

Acetonitrile related death
Lo D.S.T., Yao Y.J., Leong H.T., Koh H.H., Chew F.S.

Antidepressant poisoning causing death. A case report
Novakova E., Bilek M.

A method for the simultaneous determination of clobazam and desmethylclobazam in postmortem blood by HPLC/MS/MS
Oxley A.M., Lee T.D. Lemos N.P., Holt D.W.

Rare fatal poisoning case by ethylene glycol
Raikos N., Tsoukali H, Psaroulis D., Zaggelidou H.

Analysis of a fatal pholedrine intoxication using LC/MS/MS
Römhild W., Bartels H., Ghanem A., Schöning R., Wittig H., Krause D.

Fatal poisoning with moclobemide, metoprolol and bromazepam
Samková H., Brzobohatá A., Spacková M, Pivnicka J., Hirt M.

A double suicide by propofol, thiamylal sodium, suxamethonium chloride and pancuronium bromide injections
Shinozuka T., Terada M., Nakajima R., Takei R., Ohue O., Watanabe S., Yamamoto K.,
Murai T.

Fatal intoxication with propamocarb
Stanková M., Kurka P., Dvorácek I.

An autopsy case on the detection of phenobarbital, cocaine, morphine and 6-monoacetylmorphine
Terada M., Watanabe R., Shinozuka T., Masui S., Inoue H., Iino M., Terao T., Murai T., Tanaka E., Honda K., Matoba R.

Twelve death cases of body packer syndrome in Tehran (April 1999 - December 2000)
Zahra A., Mahfoozi A., Afshar M., Hassanian H.

Friday, August 30

Postmortem toxicology : 08.30 to 10.30
Chair : Marina Stajic and Olaf Drummer

Fatal interaction of drugs and alcohol
Ojanpera I., Koski A., Vuori E.

Postmortem distribution of MK-801 (dizocilpine), a legal mimic of phencyclidine
Mozayani A., Shrode P., Danielson T.J.

Fatalities with methadone in Norway 1991-2001
Hilberg T., Teige B., Bjørneboe A., Mørland J.

The correlation between postmortem benzodiazepine blood and liver concentrations
Boratto M., McIntyre I.M., Drummer O.H.

Codeine and morphine blood levels increase during blood loss
Kugelberg F.C., Holmgren P., Druid H.

GC-MS determination of 2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile (CS gas) metabolites in postmortem liver specimens
Sihn Y.S., Anderson R.A.

Ibogaine related fatality
Marker E.K., Stajic M.

Postmortem redistribution of three beta-blockers (atenolol, metoprolol, propranolol) in rabbits
Dupuis C., Pélissier A.L., Gaulier J.M., Marquet P., Lachâtre G.

Free topics 1 : 11.00 to 12.30
Chair : Anya Pierce and Robert Wennig

Gene doping - new analytical challenges in doping control?
Mueller R. K., Edelmann J., Große J., Kleemann W. J.

GC-ion trap-MS in doping control: urinary determination of 19-norandrosterone and 19-noretiocholanolone at subnanogram per millilitre levels.
Tedeschi L., Favretto D., Frison G., Maietti S., Castagna F., Ferrara S.D.

Dark Agouti rats as a human poor metabolizer model for forensic questions - Studies on the (meth)amphetamine formation from precursor drugs
Kraemer T., Pflugmann, T., Peters F.T., Maurer H.H.

Kinetics of kavain and its metabolites after oral application
Tarbah F., Mahler H., Kardel B., Weinmann W., Daldrup Th.

Kava (Piper methysticum Forst. f.) side effects and toxicity: study of 29 heavy kava
drinkers and 2 cases of acute hepatitis in occasional kava drinkers in New Caledonia
Barguil Y., Kritsanida M., Cabalion P., Duhet D., Mandeau A., Poncet C.

Two pediatric overdose deaths involving hydrocodone, chlorpheniramine, brompheniramine, and pseudoephedrine
McCutcheon R., Hall B., Schroeder P., Peacock E., Bayardo R.

Free topics 2 : 14.00 to 15.45
Chair : Ed Cone and Ilkka Ojanpera

The forensic toxicology of D9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
Drummer O.H. , Chu M., Gerostamoulos J.

Homoharringtonine overdosage. Analytical, pharmacokinetics and clinical aspects
Bardin C., Ferey K., Batista R., Vekhoff A., Havard L., Marie J.P., Robin J.P., Chast F.

How determining a drug concentration in blood could help to revise a package insert : the example of metformin
Lalau J.D., Lacroix Ch.

How natural are "natural herbal medicines"?
Bogusz M.J., Al Tufail M., Hassan H.

Legal herbal drugs : studies on the metabolism of the Eschscholtzia californica alkaloids californine, protopine and lauroscholtzine as basis for the development of toxicological analysis procedures
Paul L.D., Maurer H.H.

Tissue distribution of trichloroethylene in a case of an accidental acute intoxication by inhalation
Coopman V.A.E., De Letter E.A., Cordonnier J.A.C.M., Piette M.H.A.

A stuctured approach in the optimization of a headspace and PTV-based injection for the analysis of volatile poisons
Bouche M.P., Praisler M., De Leenheer A.P., Van Bocxlaer J.F.


Session 6
Drugs of abuse

Fluoxetine-HCl induced intrauterine foetal growth retardation and skeletal malformations
Ali M.O., Sharf-El Deen U.A., Rady M. I., El Menshawy O.M., Bakry S.A.

New Cannabis-benzodiazepines association form of drug of abuse
Ben Reguiga M., Massias L., Certain A., Seraissol P., Farinotti R.

Study of the enantiomeric ratio of methadone and EDDP in hair, urine and serum by capillary electrophoresis
Berens G., Yegles M., Wennig R.

Prevalence of drug intoxications in patients presenting at hospital emergency departments
Capolaghi B., Desch G., Cano Y., de St Hermine C., Dosba I., Feuillu A., Gaillard C., Gruson A., Hervochon F., Lawson E., Pellæ I., Szymanowicz A., Thuillier F., Tournoy M.H., Turnet M.M.

GC-MS/MS analysis of buprenorphine at picograms levels in biological samples
Chiarotti M., Marsili R.

Determination of the designer drugs MDMA, MDA, MDEA and MBDB in whole blood, urine and saliva using a HPLC system with native fluorescence detection
Concheiro M., Cruz A., Punín E., Quintela O., Bermejo A.M., López-Rivadulla M.

Trace impurities of seized methamphetamine hydrochloride in the Philippines
Dayrit F.M., Dumlao M.C.

Paramethoxyamphetamine : the South Australian experience
Felgate P.D., Sims D.N., Kirkbride K.P., Felgate H.E., James R.A., Vozzo D.C., Kotsakis C.

Identification of 11 opiates in urine with high performance liquid chromatography
Havard L., Dupeyron J.P., Vautier S., Sandouk P., Chast F.

Toxicoepidemiology among opiates users during police detention
Havard L., Dupeyron J.P., Fleury F., Batista R., Garnier M., Chast F.

Confirmation of amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDA and MDMA in immunoassay positive urine samples using disk solid-phase extraction and GC-MS
Huang Z.P., Zhang S.Y.

Clinical-toxicological investigation of drug abusers in Hungary
Jeszenszky E., Molnar A., Hideg Z., Kerner A., Varga T.

Reducing false positives from environmental contamination and increasing drug detection in the PharmChekTM Sweat Patch
Kidwell D.A., Long M.J.

LC/APCI-MS analysis of opiates and their metabolites in rat urine after inhalation of opium
Kikura-Hanajiri R., Kaniwa N., Ishibashi M., Makino Y., Kojima S.

Impurity profiling analysis of methamphetamine synthesized by three different methods
Kim E., Lee J., Han E., Kim S., Chung H., Yoo Y

A survey of illicit drug use in Stockholm's methadone program
Korkmaz S., Beck O., Stenbacka M., Davstad I., Leifman A., Romelsjö A.

Quest for the ultimate amphetamine immunoassay screening; evaluation of five immunoassays at different cutoff levels
Langen M.C.J., van Hoof F.W.J.M., Olijslager E.J.H., Rommers M.K., Egberts A.C.G.

Evaluation of the cross-reactivity of several amphetamines with different amphetamine immunoassays
Langen M.C.J., van Hoof F.W.J.M., Egberts A.C.G.

Investigation of cocaine in urine and pubic hair of pharmacodependent patient under ambulatory treatment
Lárez A., Henríquez E., Bolaños A., Vallés A., Carrasquel J., Cheng B., Colina J.

Forensic cases involving the use of GHB in the Netherlands
Lusthof K.J., Smink B.E., Bosman I.J.

Medicolegal problems in Germany related to the substitution with methadone
Musshoff F., Lachenmeier D.W, Madea B.

Simutaneous screening and quantitation of 39 drugs in blood by GC-MS
Mykkänen S., Gunnar T., Ariniemi K., Lillsunde P.

Analysis of amphetamines in human urine by headspace solid phase microextraction (HS-SPME) and gas chromatography
Raikos N., Christopoulou K., Theodoridis G., Tsoukali H., Psaroulis D.

Evaluation of OnTrak TesTcard 9 panel drug-testing device for rapid immunoassay screening of nine drugs of abuse in urine
Tsai J.S.C., Deng D.Z., Terrett L., Warnecke N., Henckel D., Demirtzoglou D., Adams I., Huang J., Kobetic R., Gatin M., Landis D.

EMIT II Plus amphetamine immunoassay method optimization and validation with respect to a low cutoff
Van Hoof F.W.J.M., Langen M.C.J., Olijslager E.J.H., Rommers M.K., Egberts A.C.G.

Rapid, sensitive direct method for the identification of gammahydroxybutyric acid (GHB) in urine
Vasiliades J., Ford K.

Medico-legal aspects of drug abuse in Latvia
Volgram J., Khodasevitch T., Khodasevitch L.

Detection of heroine in urinary samples through analysis of 6-monoacetylmorphine
Von Euler M., Villen T., Svensson J.O., Stahle L.

Routine monitoring opiate and amphetamine use in heroine and pervitine abuse treatment patients: comparison of EMIT II plus, EMIT d.a.u., FPIA and GC-MS results
Vorísek V., Zitta R., Cízek J., Nedvídková J., Haklová L., Cerníková B., Psenicková R., Palicka V.

Epidemiological study of alcohol consumption in general population of Dharan, Nepal
Yadav B. N.

Solid phase microextraction and GC-MS for confirmation of amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDA and MDMA in immunoassay positive urine samples
Zhang S.Y., Huang Z.P.

Session 7
Free topics

Assessment of the neurotoxic risks of disinfectants based on isopropanol
Below H., Pitten F.A., Kempe B., Gilgenast O., Kramer A.

An evaluation of the results of laboratories participating in the QUARTZ Forensic Toxicology Scheme
Boley N., Forrest R., Mac Donald S., Ossleton D., Paterson S., Williams K.

Oximeter in forensic toxicology : rapid determination of carboxyhemoglobin in blood
Brehmer C., Iten P. X.

Assessment of the interference of turbidity, hemoglobin and bilirubin on the determination of salicylemia with Trinder's method
Douki W., Mezzour H., Ben Amor A., Najjar M.F.

A comparative study of the protective effect of some antidotes on the pancreas in paraquat intoxicated rat
ELSehely W., Sharaf El Din N.

Plants and chemical submission in Tunisia
Ghorbal H., Bousnina M., Hedhiri S., BenSalah N., Amamou M., Hedhili A.

Performing toxin analysis in a resuscitation and emergency care environment
Gligor R.

Fatality involving ingestion of magic mushroom : a case report
Gonmori K., Yoshioka N.

Tramadol metabolite ratios and CYP2D6 genotypes in postmortem samples
Koski A., Levo A., Sajantila A., Ojanperä I., Vuori E.

Strychnine intoxication: a case report
Margalho C., Barroso M., Teixeira H.M., Ávila S., Frias E., Proença P, Pinho Marques E.

Availability of drug assays in brain-injured patients
Morris R.G., Kennedy M.

Detection of a carcinostatic vinca in the cutaneous tissuees by immunohistology
Mukaida M., Kimura H., Murayama T., Matsuzaki Y., Masuda T.

Rapid high-performance liquid chromatographic measurement of amisulpride in human plasma. Application to management of acute intoxications
Péhourcq F., Ouariki S., Bégaud B.

Toxicokinetic and residue cytotoxicity study of mepiquat chloride in goat tissues
Sahu C., Ghosh M.

Validation of an ion trap gas chromatographic tandem mass spectrometry method for determination of nandrolone metabolites in human urine
Sánchez B.J.F.

Effects of the plant growth regulators as abscisic acid, 4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid, gibberellic acid and maleic hydrazide on swiss-albino Mus musculus mice's liver and muscle glycogens
Seker D.

Dermal absorption of kerosene components in rats and the influence of its amount and area of exposure
Tsujino Y., Hieda Y., Kimura K., Dekio S.

Effect of ethanol on isolation stress induced physiological and biochemical alterations
Urban J.A D'Souza

Relationships between cadmium, copper, mercury, zinc levels and metallothionein in the liver and kidney cortex of Korean
Yoo Y.C., Lee S.K., Yang J.Y., Kim K.W., Lee S.Y., Oh S.M., Chung K.H.

Comparison of ethanol pharmacokinetic in females and males
Zuba D., Gubaca W., Piekoszewski W.