Argentina 2018
Argentina 2018

Argentina 2018

XIV TIAFT Latin-American Regional Meeting
I International meeting on NPS & Drug design

26 - 28 November, 2018

“Men, from their beginnings, have sought ways of altering their state of consciousness to join something more transcendent than their own existence, despite the price paid, leaving thus posing the eternal search for that infinity they carry within themselves”

L. Ferrari

Luis Ferrari

Dear colleagues, students and people interested in this event:

With great joy and enthusiasm I share the details of the XIV TIAFT Latin-American Regional Meeting -Ist International Meeting on NPS & Drug design, to be held at the City of Buenos Aires in the last days of November, 2018.

During these four days, actualization courses will be given as well as plenary conferences, round tables, exhibition of works and social events, including a welcome reception, half day excursion, and final Gala dinner).

This meeting will be an opportunity to share experiences and propose strategies and changes for the future of the Forensic and Analytical Toxicology. We are, presently, living a special moment involving the advance of the New Psychoactive Drugs (NPS) and Design Drugs that are already included in control lists that are coming back and creating problematic scenarios with their consumption.

International guests, experts of every field, will give us their vision and advice on how to face this enormous problem that is taking place in our region.

I hope to share with you great moments in Buenos Aires, as we have been doing since our first meeting in La Plata, back in 2005.

Luis FerrariAbrazo fraterno!
Luis Alberto Ferrari, Ph.D
Represent. Reg. de la TIAFT en Argentina

We now describe the topics that will be simultaneously treated in both events

  • NPS: problems, consumption patterns, detection strategies by control’s agencies.
  • Warnings & typical symptoms in intoxication with NPS. Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics
  • Design drugs precursors. Identification. Chemical products control.
  • Drugs identification. Discussion about harm reduction and viability.
  • Behavioral Toxicology
  • Alcohol and driving under the influence. Polydrug use. Alcohol and psychotropic
  • Workplace, sports and prisons: drug tests and doping.
  • Toxins and herbal based medicines
  • Analytical Methods
  • Alternative matrices: Hair as a sample for retrospective drug analysis, nails, other.
  • Q.A & accreditation of Toxicological or Forensic Labs
  • Postmortem toxicology
  • Environmental Toxicology
  • Clinical Toxicology

We mention some of the international expositors that have been invited and have already confirmed their presence at the meeting

  • Mons. Dr.Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo. Canciller de la Pontificia Academia de Ciencias.
  • Dr. Marc Le Beau. Chief of the FBI Chemistry Section. TIAFT President - USA.
  • Dr. Nikolas Lemos. University of California - USA
  • Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans H. Maurer. University of Saarland. Germany
  • Dr. Dr hc. Marilyn Huestis. Former Chief of Intramural Research - NIDA-NIH - USA.
  • Dr. Alan Verstraete. University of Ghent - Belgium.
  • Dr. Rubén Monroy. Advisor Procurator México. Former fellow of DEA - USA.
  • Dr. Ricardo Dinis Oliveira. University Institute of Health Science CESPU - Faculty of Medicine University of Porto, Portugal
  • Dr. Jorge Martínez. National University of Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia
  • Dr. Melinda Mancebo. United Nation of Drugs and Crime Office (UNODC)
  • Dr. Carmen Jurado. National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences, Sevilla, Spain.
  • Dr. José Luiz Costa. Campinas University, Brazil.
  • Dr. Ester Schallmach. Institute Sheba-Rehovot, Israel
  • Dr. Malgorzata Klys. Department of Forensic Medicine - Jagiellonian University, Polonia
  • Dr. Sebastian Rojek. Department of Forensic Medicine - Jagiellonian University, Polonia


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