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Hanan Hotel in Arequipa city is a modern building, meticulously crafted, with lines and shapes that achieve a notion of soft and warm.

Rooms got an impecable design and decoration, they have all the amenities you can expect after a tour of negotiations day. Enjoy our cafeteria service and make the final break of day is best in our Hanan Bar, where you can enjoy our exclusive cocktails in a perfect atmosphere and the best view of the city.

Go shopping, visit the downtown that is Cultural Heritage of Humanity, or make the business you want, the location of HAnan Hotel is perfect for all these activities, located in Vallecito area in a quiet place full of vegetation, six blocks from downtown and five minutes from the main centers of banking and commerce in Arequipa City.

Hotel Henan
Hotel Henan
Hotel Henan
Hotel Henan


Calle 28 de Julio
608 Vallecito - Arequipa
Teléfonos: 054233337 - 0542333336
E-mail: reservas@hanan.com.pe
Sito web: hanan.com.pe