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October 5-9, 1998
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
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Click PictureDuring the SOFT-TIAFT meeting, the Young Scientists meet during 3 hours.
Young collegues were first invited to share a dinner-buffet, that was sponsored by Ansys. Then, about 100 people exchanged ideas on how to improve their daily work.
Three subjects were mainly discussed, 1. the preparation of the samples (particularly the use of solid phase extraction), 2. unusual poisoning, such as with lead, and 3. the place of Internet and the use of the on-line reviews. Storage of specimens was also discussed.
This was a nice meeting, that gave us the opportunities to discuss with toxicologists coming from 17 different countries.

Click PictureThe Young Scientists Committee, represented by Rebeca Jufer (USA), Fiona Couper (Australia), Aldo Polettini (Italy), Alain Verstraete (Belgium) and Pascal Kintz (France) was supported by 4 commercial companies (Lipomed, Roche Diagnostic, Radian and Dade Behring) to present the 1998 awards.
Five (only five!) papers were submitted to the committee for the best publication during the previous year. During the meeting, 13 posters and 14 oral presentations were evaluated by the committee.

The winners are:

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Congratulations to the winners and thank you so much to the sponsors.

The next meeting is planed in Cracow. I encourage you to attend Poland and to send me the papers that were published in 1998 by a young toxicologist (under 40 years), with a co-author member of TIAFT.

Pascal Kintz
Institut de Médecine Légale
11 rue Humann
F-67000 Strasbourg, France

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