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Wednesday, August 27 Free Topics

Dona A., Athanaselis S., Maravelias C., Koutselinis A.
Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, University of Athens, Medical School, 75, M.Asias str., Goudi, Athens, Greece

The determination of various drugs during a toxicological analysis is often difficult particularly when the analyzing biological samples concern cases of mild intoxication such as one tablet intake, by a child, drug intake by adults, especially when driving, or when no case history exists. Moreover, during a routine screening of a toxicological analysis the detection of common drugs may lead the analyst to overlook other minor drugs. The analytical parameters of four new tranquillizers, zolpidem, zopiclone, chlormethiazole and buspirone are presented in our study. The cross-reactivity of the above drugs with other drugs of abuse during urine immunoassay screening was checked. Their behaviour during TLC screening was examined. Urine extracts of the drugs were further analyzed with a GC/MS and their mass spectra were identified and filed, since some of them are not included in the N1ST62 and PMW_TOX2 libraries. The complete analytical parameters of the above drugs can be of great importance in a routine analysis especially in cases where suspicions of CNS depressant drug intake exists. The analytical problems during the analysis of urine for the above drugs are discussed.

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