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XXXV TIAFT Annual Meeting Drugs of Abuse and Testing

Uges D.R.A., Molmans B., Bloemhof H., Bouma P.

Laboratory for Clinical and Forensic Toxicology and Drug Analysis, Department of Pharmacy, University Hospital Groningen, P.O. Box 30.001, 9700 RB, Groningen, The Netherlands

Good laboratory practice and quality assessment require permanent education of the whole staff of the organization. The Dutch Association for Quality Assessment in TDM and Clinical Toxicology (KKGT) organizes once every eighteen months a symposium for all the participants of their proficiency testing scheme. During this meeting the QA tests, several new development and methods are presented and are open for discussion.

Methods. It has been noticed that for many techniques the way of performance and the details might influence the quality of the results. Therefore we were looking for a manner to start an active discussion about special aspects of an assay between the participants and a panel of experts.

Results. We decided to make a short videofilm about some aspects of a gradient HPLC method with a solid phase extraction for the determination of DOA in biological fluids. In this videofilm aspects such as extraction methods, mixing, evaporation, dissolving and choice of apparatus get special attention.

In this lecture we will show you this 16 minutes videofilm, and ask your opinion about this approach.

Conclusions. A video, made by professionals, can be a powerful help for post graduate education. However, the time and the price of making such professional films could be a hindering for using this medium on large scale.

Oral Presentations Abstract 021

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