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Proceedings Volume
The volume of proceedings is now available (September 15, 1998).
This 700 pages volume contains about 100 full papers of the presentations made during the Meeting and it has been sent to all TIAFT'97 participants by mail.
If you attended TIAFT '97 and still haven't received the Proceedings or if you changed your mail address with respect the one you indicate us during the meeting days, please let us know at: gianpaolo@brusini.net.

The TIAFT '97 Proceedings Volume is also available for sell. For more information please contact gianpaolo@brusini.net.

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There are two main sections, one devoted to scientific presentations only ("Abstracts") which contains complete abstracts of all presented papers (both oral and posters), and one which can be used as a guided tour ("Timetable") through the TIAFT '97 meeting. This last section is more complete because besides papers it contains also pictures of the speakers and of other events happened during the meeting.
As usual in the web it is easier to try than thousand words of explanation.

Once more time we would like to thanks all colleagues and friends whose attended the TIAFT '97 Meeting. We hope you'll enjoy this site as well as we enjoyed to create it.
If, for any reason, somebody does not wish to have its work or pictures published here, please let us know (info@tiaft.org) and we will remove promptly any related information.

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