logolite XXXV TIAFT Annual Meeting





  • Meeting Continuing Challenges in the Practice of Forensic Toxicology
    B.K. Logan

Postmortem Analysis and Drug Stability

  • Stability of Drugs Postmortem: A Review
    O.H. Drummer
  • Postmortem Interpretation of beta2-Agonist Concentrations
    F.J. Couper, O.H. Drummer

  • Blood and Tissue Distribution of Methanol and Formic Acid in Victims of a Massive Intoxication Due to the Ingestion of Adulterate Wine
    L.A. Ferrari, R.R. Nieto, M.G. Arado, Z. Wamba
  • Distribution of Morphine Species in postmortem Tissues
    J. Gerostamoulos, O.H. Drummer
  • Supercritical Fluid Extraction as a Sample Preparation Technique for the Determination of Morphine and 6-Monoacetyl-morphine in Post-mortem Blood and Vitreous Humor
    K.S. Scott, J.S. Oliver
  • Drugs of Abuse and Testing Urine Drug Testing for Social Service Agencies in Nova Scotia, Canada
    A.D. Fraser
  • Prevalence of Amphetamine-like Drugs in Human Urine
    K.A. Cole, C. Okano, B. Creghan, B. Lukey, P. Bryant, J. Magluilo, Jr, M.L. Smith
  • Chronic Multiple Drugs Abuse with Suicidal Endpoint: Hair and other Tissue Findings.
    G. Asselborn, M. Yegles, R. Wennig
  • Do the morphine blood levels of the Swiss Heroin Substitution Program influence our Forensic Interpretations?
    T.A. Briellmann
  • The Toxicology of Methadone and its Involvement in Sudden Death
    O.H. Drummer

Driving Under the Influence

  • Psychoactive substances, drugs and driving
    S.D. Ferrara
  • Morphine Toxicity and the Intoxicated Driver
    A.E. Hodda
  • First Results of the "Belgian Toxicology and Trauma Study (BTTS)"
    A. Verstraete, R. Wennig
  • Prevalence of Drugs of Abuse and Medication in Conspicuous Drivers - An Epidemiological Study -
    M.R. Moeller, M. Hartung
  • Driving under influence: with special attention to the drugs
    P. Lillsunde, L. Hantula, M. Portman, A. Penttilä, T. Korte, T. Seppälä

Metabolism and Disposition of Drugs

  • Ethnic Difference in Drug Metabolism
    M. Yamada, Z. Kozma, J. Ikebuchi, A. Nishimura, K. Nishi
  • Hemp Tea Versus Hemp Milk: Subjective Effects and Elimination Studies of THC and its Main Metabolites
    C. Giroud, M. Augsburger, L. Rivier, P. Mangin
  • Effects of Caffeine and Saponin on Alcohol Absorption and Metabolism
    M. Hirose, S. Tsukamoto, T. Kanegae, E. Isobe, T. Nagoya, K. Hojo
  • Urinary Methanol and 5-hydroxytriptophol as biochemical markers of recent drinking after alcohol has been cleared from the body
    A. Helander, A.W. Jones, P. Bendtsen

Hair Analysis

  • Hair Testing and Pubic Hair Testing for Drugs of Abuse for Legal Purposes in Crete
    A.M. Tsatsakis

Free Topics

  • Immunoaffinity extraction of alfa- and beta- amanitin for their sensitive detection in body fluids by atmospheric pressure ionization electrospray (API-ES) LC-MS
    C.J. Schmitt, A.A. Weber, H.H. Maurer
  • Toxicological detection of ACE inhibitors and their metabolites in urine by GC-MS after extractive alkylation
    J.W. Arlt, H.H. Maurer
  • Analytical Findings in a Suspected Case of Tampering with a morphine Pump
    A. Bugge, H. Mørland, L. Slørdal
  • Fatal Exposure to Polyurethane Grout
    J. Tytgat, N. Bruneel, E. Stevens, P. Daenens
  • TICTAC – a CD-ROM for the identification of tablets and capsules.
    J. D. Ramsey, J. M. Woolley
  • Identification and profiles of impurities in illicit methamphetamine in Korea
    Y.C. Yoo, H.S. Chung, H.K. Choi, E.M. Kim, S.C. Kim, S.W. Kim

Analytical Procedures

  • The use of high selectivity MS techniques to increase the retrospectibility of the detection of the abuse of selected doping agents
    L. Rivier
  • The Use of GC/MS/MS for the Detection of An Uncommon Benzodiazepine in a Urine Specimen
    D.T.W. Chan, V.K.K. Mok
  • Determination of Morphine, M-6-G, M-3-G, Codeine, C-6-G and 6-MAM in Body Fluids by Means of LC-APCI-MS.
    M.J. Bogusz, R.D. Maier, M. Erkens, S. Driessen
  • A Sensitive Analysis of the active metabolite of Burgodin® (Despropionyl-bezitramide) in Forensic Samples by High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Fluorescence Detection
    S. De Baere, E. Meyer, W. Lambert, A. De Leenheer
  • Column packed immobilized beta-glucuronidase and arylsulfatase for the cleavage of conjugates - Stability, reusability and application in toxicological routine analysis
    S.W.H. Toennes, H.H. Maurer
  • The antilipemic benfluorex leads to positive amphetamine fluorescence polarization immunoassay (FPIA) results - Studies on the metabolism and toxicological detection in urine by GC-MS and FPIA
    T. Kraemer, F.D. Sick, H. H. Maurer


  • Physiological and Histopathological Changes on the effects of BPMC (OSBAC) Carbamate Insecticide on Chickens
    H.A. Mekkawy, A.A. Massoud, E.M. Hammouda, M. Hassan
  • Mutagenic and Teratogenic Effects of Cyanophos (CYANOX)
    Organophosphorus Insecticide on Chickens
    H.A. Mekkawy, A.A. Massoud, E.M. Hammouda, M.A. Hassan
  • The Distribution at User Levels of Narcotics in Denmark
    K.W. Simonsen, E. Kaa, E. Nielsen
  • Dynamic Modification in TLC of Basic Drugs on Silica Gel
    R. Giebelmann
  • Qualitative analysis by Mass-Spectrometry of "Ecstasy" tablets: a specific study of quantitative distribution of MDMA and MDEA relative to tablets morphology
    M. Giusiani, A. Cappellini
  • Quantitative Screening for Silyl Derivatized Benzodiazepines in Blood by Dual-Column Gas Chromatography with Computerized Identification
    I. Rasanen, I. Ojanperä, E. Vuori
  • Autoantibodies and Immunoglobulins in Workers Exposed to Mercury Vapours
    J. Kolenic, A. Ciderová, D. Palcáková, J. Petrovicová, P. Kolenic, T. Kralová
  • The consequences of caffeine administration to mice with toxic liver lesions induced by paracetamol.
    V. Gligor, R. Gligor, E. Lazar, E. Potencz
  • Analysis of Fenthion in Postmortem Samples by HPLC with Diode-Array Detection and GC/MS Using Solid-Phase Extraction
    E. Meyer, D. Borrey, W. Lambert, C. Van Peteghem, M. Piette, A. De Leenheer
  • Application of Supercritical Fluid Extraction with Freeze-drying to Analysis of Benzodiazepine Metabolites in Blood Samples
    K. Takaichi, Y. Kumooka, H. Ohki
  • Evaluation of the Diagnostic Performance of the Boehringer Mannheim CEDIA® LSD Assay.
    A.G. Verstraete, S. Steyaert
  • Solid-Phase Extraction and Determination of ß-Agonists in Urine by HPLC with Electrochemical Detection
    J. Bosman, K. Ensing, J.P. Franke, A. Koole, R.A. De Zeeuw
  • GC/MS confirmation of Buprenorphine and Norbuprenorphine in urine
    D.H. Strand, T. Berg, I. Leirseth, A.S. Christophersen
  • Validation of an Ion-Trap GC/MS Method for Determination of Cocaine and Metabolites and Cocaethylene in Post Mortem Whole Blood
    A.A.M. Chasin, A.F. Mídio
  • Immunohistochemical Investigation of Pulmonary Surfactant in Fatal Poisoning
    B. Zhu, L. Quan , K. Ishida , S. Oritani, M. Imura, M.Q. Fujita , H. Maeda , M. Ogawa , T. Tanaka, N. Tanaka, S. Komura, T. Tsuji
  • Simultaneous Determination of Cyanide in Automated Screening of Volatile Substances in Biological Fluids by Head-Space Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
    S. Oritani, M.Q. Fujita, K. Ishida, B. Zhu, H. Maeda
  • Methadone Saliva:Blood Ratios in Methadone Maintenance Patients
    C. Malcolm, J. S. Oliver
  • Comparison Between Solid-Phase Extraction and Supercritical Fluid Extraction and for the Analysis of Morphine from Whole Blood
    D.L. Allen, K.S. Scott, J.S. Oliver
  • Comparison of Drug and Alcohol Levels Measured in Victims of Fatal Road Traffic Accidents in the Strathclyde Region of Scotland Over the 2 Year Period 1995-96
    A. Seymour, J. S. Oliver
  • Improved Extraction of Methadone and its Metabolites from Whole Blood Using Isolute Confirm Mixed-Mode SPE Columns.
    G.A.A. Cooper, J. S. Oliver
  • Methylpentynol Intoxication - a Case Report
    C. Brehmer, D. Frangi, P.X. Iten
  • Determination of Arsenic in Horse Urine using Microwave Digestion and Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
    V. Coopman, J. Cordonnier, T. Van Moortel
  • Pesticides deposition in hair: Preliminary results of a model study of methomyl incorporation into hair of rabbits
    A.M. Tsatsakis, M.I. Tutudaki, M.N. Tzatzarakis, K. Psaroudakis, G.P. Dolapsakis, M.N. Michalodimitrakis
  • Determination of Phenytoin in Human Head Hair
    T. Psillakis, A. Tsatsakis, A. Stefis, E. Kalpaxidu, G. Daskalakis, S. Petrutsu, E. Pallis, G. Kliafas
  • Cases of Acute Poisoning in the Region of Crete
    M. Christakis-Hampsas, A.M. Tsatsakis, P. Assithianakis, A. Alegakis, M. Tutudakis, E.N. Michalodimitrakis
  • Acute Fenthion and Omethoate Poisoning
    A. Manousakis, A.M. Tsatsakis, M. Anastasakis, M. Tzatzarakis, P. Agouridakis, K. Katsanoulas
  • Characterisation of Cannabis Plants Phenotypes Based on the Analysis of Active Substances
    M. Dimopoulou, M. Tutudaki, A. Tsatsakis, E. Michalodimitrakis
  • Methamphetamine blood concentrations in 17 fatal cases
    Y.C. Yoo, H.S. Chung, H.K. Choi, W.T. Jin, M.J. Park, W.K. Yang
  • A Simple and Rapid Analysis of Irritants in Tear Gas Sprays by Capillary Column Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
    N. Tsunoda, Y. Seto, M. Kataoka, H. Ohta
  • A Highly Sensitive HPLC Detection of Methamphetamine and Amphetamine in Hair Using Chemiluminescence Detection
    N. Takayama, S. Tanaka, K. Hayakawa
  • Perspiration versus saliva in road side testing. Physiological and biochemical properties on drug secretion and implications
    G. Skopp, L. Pötsch
  • The Possibility of Inhibition of Topoisomerase I activity by Methamphetamine
    T. Sawaguchi, A. Sawaguchi
  • Cyanobacterial Hepatotoxins: Structure and Analysis
    A. Pelander, I. Ojanperä, E. Vuori
  • ONTRAK TESTCUP®-5: A Multi-analyte Immunoassay Device for On-Site Drug Testing
    S-C.J. Tsai, J. Towt, C. Kravec, B. Oades, F. Rashid, L. Talbot, B. Twarowska, S.J. Salamone
  • Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrin and Chronic Alcohol Abuse
    A. D'Ottavi, F. Caracciolo
  • Experience in Congener Analysis with GC/MS
    W. Römhild, H. Wittig, D. Krause, H. Bartels
  • The Automated Preparation and Analysis of Barbiturates in Human Urine and Serum using A PrepStation and GC/MS System
    A. Namera*, M. Yashiki, K. Okada, Y. Iwasaki, T. Kojima
  • Drug Abuse Among Truck Drivers in Three Different Regions of Brazil
    O.A. Silva, J.M.D. Greve, M. Yonamine
  • Toxicological Findings in a Fatal Case of Multidrug Poisoning. A Typical Example of a Polish Drug Addict
    M. Kala, W. Lechowicz, R. Stanaszek
  • Laudanosine in Biological and Non-biological Material: A Two Case Report
    M. Kala, W. Lechowicz, K. Madej, R. Stanaszek
  • Thallium Poisoning
    J.K. Sadlik
  • Polish "Kompot" and Other Opiate Containing Products. A Comparative Study
    M. Kala, W. Lechowicz
  • Ephedrone - new street drug synthetized from Proasthmin
    E. Janowska, E. Chudzikiewicz, W. Lechowicz
  • Investigations of patients during constant dose methadone treatment considering individual hair growth
    L. Pötsch, H.P. Eser, G. Skopp, M.R. Moeller
  • Identity testing of alternative samples used in forensic toxicology
    L. Pötsch, P.M. Schneider, J. Lummer, G. Skopp
  • Drugs of abuse Screening by TRIAGETM Indirectly in Postmortem specimens
    H. Tsoukali, N. Raikos
  • Modifying the Absorption Rate of Ethanol by Intake of a Drop Containing Menthol
    E. Jeszenszky, I. Kovacs, T. Varga
  • A Specific Method for the Determination of Sodium Fluoroacetate in Biological Samples Using Ion-Exchange Chromatography, HPLC and Spectrophotometry
    A.F. Midio, R.L.M. Moreau, N.M. Nakaharada
  • Vitreous Humor as an Alternative and Complementary Biological Fluid in the Determination of Ethanol Levels in Decomposed and Nondecomposed Bodies
    I.V. Lima, A.F. Midio
  • Redistribution studies of Morphine and Metabolites
    J. Gerostamoulos, O.H. Drummer
  • Comparison Between Ethanol Levels of Vitreous Humour of Both Eyes in the Same Individual
    A.P. Sousa, D.N. Vieira, M.M.F. Oliveira, E.P. Marques, P.V. Monsanto
  • Influence of Preservation Time in Blood Ethanol Levels
    B.S. Silva, D.N. Vieira, M.F. Oliveira, E.G. Pinho Marques, P.V. Monsanto
  • Fatal Acute Poisoning with Lindane Insecticide – A Case Report
    E.G. Pinho Marques, M.M.F. Oliveira, P.V. Monsanto, P. Proenca, F. Castanheira, A.M. Castanheira, M.T. Ávila
  • GCD Quantitation of Opiates as Propionyl Derivatives in Blood
    S. Mykkänen, J. Seppälä, K. Ariniemi, T. Korte, T. Seppälä, P. Lillsunde
  • Amphetamine- and Phenylpropanolamine Derivative Related Deaths in The Netherlands from 1994 to 1997: Toxicology and Pathology
    K.J. Lusthof, B. Ruiter, B.E. Smink, P.G.M. Zweipfenning, G. van Ingen, R. Visser
  • The determination of Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, MDMA, MDEA and MDA in whole blood by solid phase extraction and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry
    L.J.C. Peschier, J. Nunes Roque, K.J. Lusthof, P.G.M. Zweipfenning
  • Sensitive Determination of Tetrodotoxin in Serum by GC/MS
    Y. Ohtsuka, H. Tokunaga, S. Fukushima, K. Kudo, T. Imamura, N. Jitsufuchi, N. lkeda
  • Plasma Concentrations of Antipsychotic Drugs in Psychiatric Inpatients
    H. Tokunaga, K. Kudo, T. Imamura, N. Jitsufuchi, Y. Ohtsuka, N. Ikeda
  • Diethylenglycol (DEG) in Human Organs from Victims of a Massive Intoxication with Contaminated Propolis Syrup
    L.A. Ferrari, M.G. Arado, Z. Wamba, M. Stoichevich, S. Stoichevich
  • Incidence of Drugs of Abuse and Alcohol in Suicides Occurred in the Province of Buenos Aires in 1994, 1995 and 1996
    Z. Wamba, L.A. Ferrari; R.R. Nieto; M.G. Arado, C.H. Colangelo, C. Nardo, N. Sredcoff, S. Stoichevich
  • Immunometric Screening of Main Drugs of Abuse on Air
    A. Menegozzo, G. Fazzin, M. Spampatti
  • Determination of LSD in Urine by Solid Phase Extraction and GC/MS Detection
    S. Corcione, J. Ortuño, M.L. González, A.G. Verstraete, R. Ventura, R. de la Torre, J. Segura
  • An Autopsy Case of Glyphosate Herbicide, Touchdown® Poisoning and Detection of Glyphosate using HPLC
    Y. Sato, S. Matsumura, K. Hayashi, T. Takagi, A. Ueno, T. Shoji, M. Kajiwara, T. Sudo, T. Watanabe, H. Kashiwade, T. Mukai, T. Endo
  • GC/MS Analysis of Urinary Hippuric Acid Using Simple Sample Preparation
    K. Hara, S. Kashimura, M. Morinaga, M. Kageura
  • Evaluating Some Extraction Procedures for Opiates from Human Hair
    S. Pichini, I. Altieri, M. Pellegrini, R. Pacifici, P. Zuccaro, V. Ottaviano, C. Furnari
  • Postmortem Tissue Distribution of Opiates in Various Maternal and Fetal Specimens After Fatal Heroin Intoxication
    S. Iwersen, A. Schmoldt
  • A Case of Lidocaine Poisoning
    A. Sawaguchi, T. Sawaguchi, O. Ohue
  • The Evaluation and Introduction into Forensic Casework of a Commercially Avaliable Non-Isotopic Immunoassay for Drugs of Abuse
    J. Evans
  • Anabolic Steroid 4-Androsten-3,17-Dione: Abuse and Detection in Urine
    Uralets V.P., Gillette P.A., Latven R.K.
  • Biliary Analysis of Dextropropoxyphene and Norpropoxyphene by Solid Phase Extraction
    N.P. Lemos, R.A. Anderson
  • External Quality Assessment of the GTFCh
    M. Herbold, G. Skopp, R. Aderjan

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