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TIAFT 2000

The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists
38th International Meeting
13-17 August, 2000, HELSINKI, FINLAND
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Sunday 13 August
14:00-18:00  Registration
University Main Building Vestibule (Fabianinkatu 33)
18:00-22:00  Get-together Party
Restaurant Kaarle XII (Kasarmikatu 40)

Monday 14 August
08:30-17:00  Registration
University Main Building Vestibule
09:00-10:15  Meeting of Regional Representatives
University Main Building, Auditorium 5 (Fabianinkatu 33)
10:45-11:30  Opening Ceremony
University Main Building Festival Auditorium (Senate Square entrance, Unioninkatu 34)
11:30-13:00  Lunch

Symposium: New Analytical Technologies
University Main Building Auditorium I (Fabianinkatu 33)
Prof. Maciej J. Bogusz, Chairman (Germany)
Mark B. Lewis, DABFT (USA)
13:00  New analytical technologies in forensic sciences - between novelty and reliability
M.J. Bogusz (Aachen, Germany)
13:30  Toxicological screening by HPLC-ESI-MS-MS
Th. Gougnard, C. Charlier (Liège, Belgium)
13:45  Simultaneous screening and quantitation of 17 antihistamine drugs in blood samples using liquid chromatography/ionspray tandem mass spectrometry
M. Gergov, J. Robson, I. Ojanpera, E. Vuori (Helsinki, Finland and Concord, Canada)
14:00  LC/MS with "in-source" CID: Tuning compounds for mass spectral library applications
W.Weinmann, R. Goerke, M. Gorner, M. Svoboda, A. Schreiber (Freiburg and Langen, Germany)
14:15  Rapid methods development using flow-injection analysis (FIA) in LC-MS atmospheric-pressure chemical ionisation (APCI)
W. Lechowicz (Krakow, Poland)
14:30  Discrimination power nearly one - ion trap GC-MS as an ideal tool for STA
U. Demme, B. Ahrens, A. Klein, R. Werner (Jena, Germany)
14:45  Identification of impurities in illicit methamphetamine by GC-MS and GC/MS/MS
S.C. Kim, E.M. Kim, W.T. Jin, M.J. Park, H.S. Chung, Y.C. Yoo (Seoul, Korea)
15:00  Poster Session I, Exhibition and Coffee
16:00  Application of surface ionization organic mass spectrometry (SIOMS) to forensic toxicology: A new and ultrasensitive mass spectrometric technique
A. Ishii, H. Seno, K. Watanabe-Suzuki, T. Kumazawa, H. Matsushima, O. Suzuki, Y. Katsumata (Nagoya, Hamamatsu and Tokyo, Japan)
16:15  Determination of cyanides in body tissues by an HS-GC/MS method
G. Asselborn, R. Wennig (Luxembourg)
16:30  Determination of midazolam in human plasma by solid-phase microextraction (SPME) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
G. Frison, L. Tedeschi, S. Maietti, B. Romagnoli, S.D. Ferrara (Padova, Italy)
16:45  Extraction of multiple drug groups from blood using a single SPE column
G.M. Azzim, R.A. Anderson (El Minia, Egypt and Glasgow, UK)
17:00  Evaluation of capillary electrophoresis for the screening of drugs in biological matrices
C.M. Boone, J.P. Franke, K. Ensing, R.A. de Zeeuw (Groningen, The Netherlands)
17:15  Simultaneous determination of psychopharmaceuticals and stimulants by multi-labeled time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay
H. Kimura, M. Mukaida, G. Wang, J. Yuan, K. Matsumoto (Tokyo, Tokorozawa and Shinjuku, Japan)
17:30-18:45  TIAFT Young Scientists Committee Meeting
University Main Building, Auditorium 5

Tuesday 15 August
08-17  Registration
University Main Building Vestibule
Symposium: Alcohol, Drugs and Driving
University Main Building Auditorium I (Fabianinkatu 33)
Prof. A. Wayne Jones, Chairman (Sweden)
Dr. Pirjo Lillsunde, (Finland)
08:30  Driving under the influence of illicit or prescription drugs; what can we learn from alcohol?
A.W. Jones (Linkoping, Sweden)
09:00  Drugs and driving in Sweden: Zero-tolerance for narcotic drugs
G. Ceder (Linkoping, Sweden)
09:15  Drugs and the risk of road crashes
O.H. Drummer (Southbank, Victoria, Australia)
09:40  Roadside testing for drugs: Recent developments in Europe
A.G. Verstraete (Gent, Belgium)
10:00  Poster Session II, Exhibition and Coffee
11:00  Validation of Cozart Rapiscan cutoff concentrations for drugs of abuse in saliva
V. Spiehler, D. Baldwin, A. Jehanli, L. Moore (Newport Beach, CA, USA and Oxford, UK)
11:15  First experience with the enforcement of the new per se DUID legislation in Belgium
N. Samyn, B. Viaene, B. Laeremans, G. De Boeck (Brussels, Belgium)
11:30  Handling of drugged driving cases in Norway
J. Morland, A.S. Christophersen, S. Skurtveit (Oslo, Norway)
11:45  Recidivism among drugged and drunken drivers in Norway followed for 15 years
A.S. Christophersen, M. Grung, S. Skurtveit, J. Morland (Oslo, Norway)
12:00  Lunch
Symposium: Workplace Drug Testing
University Main Building Auditorium I (Fabianinkatu 33)
Dr. Michael A. Peat, Chairman (USA)
Anya Pierce, (Ireland)
13:30  Workplace drug testing - the good, the bad and the ugly
M.A. Peat (Lenexa, KS, USA)
14:00  Workplace drug testing in Europe
A.G. Verstraete (Gent, Belgium)
14:25  Workplace drug testing - The Norwegian ambivalence
J. Morland (Oslo, Norway)
14:45  Experience with urine drug testing by the correctional service of Canada
A.D. Fraser, J. Zamecnik, J. Keravel, L. McGrath, J. Wells (Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa and Mississauga, Canada)
15:00  Poster Session III, Exhibition and Coffee
16:00  Screening of anabolic steroids by GC/MS
S. Steffenrud (Linkoping, Sweden)
16:15  Amphetamine concentrations in human urine following single-dose administration of the calcium antagonist prenylamine
T. Kraemer, S.K. Roditis, F.T. Peters, H.H. Maurer (Homburg, Germany)
16:30  A review of the drug use monitoring in Australia (DUMA) project
J.H. Lewis (Sydney, Australia)
16:45  STA and doping control - Defining the relevant analytes beyond the actual doping definition
R.K. Mueller, J. Grosse, D. Thieme (Kreischa near Dresden, Germany)
18:00  Helsinki City Reception
City Hall (Pohjoisesplanadi 11-13)

Wednesday 16 August
08-14  Registration
University Main Building Vestibule
Symposium: Postmortem Forensic Toxicology
University Main Building Auditorium I (Fabianinkatu 33)
Dr. Pascal Kintz, Chairman (France)
Dr. Marie Balikova, (Czech Republic)
08:30  Postmortem forensic toxicology
P. Kintz (Strasbourg, France)
09:00  Fatal and non-fatal concentrations of newer antidepressants and hypnotics in postmortem femoral blood
P. Holmgren, H. Druid, S. Hallander, J. Ahlner (Linkoping, Sweden)
09:15  A fatal case of serotonin syndrome after combined moclobemide-citalopram intoxication
R. Dams, T.H.P. Benijts, W.E. Lambert, J.F. Van Bocxlaer, M.H. Piette, D. Van Varenbergh, A.P. De Leenheer (Gent, Belgium)
09:30  Long-term stability of morphine, morphine-3- and morphine-6-glucuronide in fresh blood, plasma and postmortem blood samples
G. Skopp, L. Potsch, A. Klingmann, R. Mattern (Heidelberg and Mainz, Germany)
09:45  Detection of cocaine and opiates in decomposed and skeletonized human remains
L. Tedeschi, S. Maietti, G. Frison, F. Castagna, S.D. Ferrara (Padova, Italy)
10:00  The extent of postmortem drug redistribution in human cases
T. Hilberg, S. Rogde, J. Morland (Oslo, Norway)
10:15  Postmortem tissue concentrations of venlafaxine in man
K.E. Goeringer, I.M. McIntyre, O.H. Drummer (Southbank, Victoria, Australia)
10:30  Poster Session IV, Exhibition and Coffee
11:30  Fatalities associated with volatile substances 1986-1999
P. J. Streete, M. Ruprah, N. Smith (London, UK)
11:45  Uncertainty in estimating femoral venous blood alcohol concentration from analysis of vitreous humor
A.W. Jones , P. Holmgren (Linkoping, Sweden)
12:00  Quantitative determination of n-propane, isobutane and n-butane by head space GC-MS in a fatal intoxication by inhalation of lighter fluid
M.-P. Bouche, W. Lambert, J. Van Bocxlaer, M. Piette, A. De Leenheer (Gent, Belgium)
12:15  Postmortem alteration of toxic gases and volatiles from death to sample analysis - in vitro study -
Y. Seto, K. Tsuge, M. Kataoka (Chiba, Japan)
12:30  Lunch
15-22  Boat Excursion to Helsinki archipelago and to Suomenlinna Fortress Island (excursion starts from Market Square)
18:00  Buffet Dinner at Restaurant Walhalla
Suomenlinna Fortress Island

Thursday 17 August
08-17  Registration
University Main Building Vestibule
Parallel Symposium: Clinical Toxicology
University Main Building Auditorium I (Fabianinkatu 33)
Prof. Donald R.A. Uges, Chairman (The Netherlands)
Dr. Maria Kala, (Poland)
08:15  Clinical toxicology in the first decade of the new century
D.R.A. Uges (Groningen, The Netherlands)
08:45  Interpretation of analytical toxicology results
R.J. Flanagan (London, UK)
09:10  Medical prescription of heroin to chronic heroin addicts in Switzerland
C. Brehmer, P.X. Iten (Zurich, Switzerland)
09:30  Incidence of cases of amphetamine ingestion referred to The Medical Toxicology Unit laboratory 1992-1998
F. Quinlivan, M. Ruprah, B. Widdop (London, UK)
09:45  Simultaneous determination of buprenorphine, norbuprenorphine, and buprenorphine glucuronide in plasma by LC-MS-MS
A. Polettini, M.A. Huestis (Baltimore, MD, USA)
10.00  Poster Session V and VI, Exhibition and Coffee
11:00  Detection of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), barbiturates and their metabolites in urine as part of a systematic toxicological analysis (STA) procedure for acidic drugs and poisons by GC-MS
H.H. Maurer, F.X. Tauvel (Homburg, Germany)
11:15  An HPLC method adapted to screening and quantitation of seven selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in human serum
G. Tournel, N. Houdret, M. Deveaux, V. Hedouin, M. Lhermitte, D. Gosset (Lille, France)
11:30  Evaluation of urinary dihydrocodeine excretion in humans by GC-MS
M. Balikova, V. Maresova, V. Habrdova (Prague, Czech Republic)
11:45  Validated GC-MS assay for the determination of the antifreeze ethylene glycol and of diethylene glycol in plasma after microwave-assisted derivatization
F.T. Peters, T. Kraemer, L.D. Paul, H.H. Maurer (Homburg, Germany)
12:00  Lunch

Parallel Symposium: Forensic and Environmental Toxicology
University Main Building Auditorium 5
Prof. Erkki Vuori, Chairman (Finland)
Dr. Majda Zorec Karlovsek, (Slovenia)
08:15  Forensic and Environmental Toxicology
E. Vuori (Helsinki, Finland)
08:35  Sample preparation procedures and analytical techniques used by VERIFIN for verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention
M. Rautio (Helsinki, Finland)
09:00  Analytical method for a rapid screening of organophosphorus pesticides in human specimens and food
F.A. Tarbah, H. Mahler, O. Temme, T. Daldrup (Dusseldorf, Germany)
09:15  A new multiresidue determination of pesticides in cases of intoxication
E. Lacassie, P. Marquet, J.M. Gaulier, G. Lachatre (Limoges, France)
09:30  Method of analysis for butylbenzylphthalate and its metabolites in plasma
F. Martens, M. Martens, B. Lepla, K. Timperman (Kortrijk and Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)
09:45  Microwave decomposition of human tissues for the analysis of total mercury
X. Cominos, S. Athanaselis, A. Dona, A. Koutselinis (Athens, Greece)
10.00  Poster Session V and VI, Exhibition and Coffee
11:00  Piperazine-like compounds: a new group of designer drugs-of-abuse on the European market
D. de Boer, I.J. Bosman, E. Hidvégi, C. Manzoni, A. Benko, J.L.A.L. dos Reys, R.A.A. Maes (Lisbon, Portugal, Utrecht, The Netherlands and Budapest, Hungary)
11:15  N-Benzylpiperazine, a "new" drug of abuse in Sweden
M. Wikstrom, P. Holmgren, J. Ahlner (Linkoping, Sweden)
11:30  Acetylcodeine in urine as a marker of illicit heroin consumption
O. Plaut, C. Girod, C. Staub (Genève, Switzerland)
11:45  Angel's trumpet poisoning in ten adolescents; one person died, nine survived
P.X. Iten (Zurich, Switzerland)
12:00  Lunch
Symposium: Alternative Matrices
University Main Building Auditorium I (Fabianinkatu 33)
Dr. Edward J. Cone, Chairman (USA)
Dr. Peter X. Iten, (Switzerland)
13:00  Legal, workplace, and treatment drug testing with alternate biological matrices on an international scale
E.J. Cone (Severna Park, MD, USA)
13:30  Methamphetamine disposition in plasma, saliva, and sweat after controlled drug administration
M.A. Huestis, R.E. Joseph, R.E. Evans, R. Schepers, M. Moolchan, E.J. Cone, J.M. Oyler (Baltimore and Severna Park, MD, USA)
13:45  Incorporation of desmethylselegiline, methamphetamine and amphetamine into human hair after selegiline intake
R. Kronstrand, M. Choi-Andersson, J. Ahlner, G. Larson (Linkoping, Sweden)
14:00  Poster Session VII, Exhibition and Coffee
15:00  Analysis of fatty acid ethyl esters in hair as possible markers of chronically elevated alcohol consumption by headspace solid-phase microextraction (HS-SPME)
F. Pragst, V. Auwaerter, F. Sporkert (Berlin, Germany)
15:15  Quantitation of amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDA, MDMA and MDEA in saliva with a Q-TOF LC/MS/MS system
K. Clauwaert, J. Van Bocxlaer, A. Willems, K. Mortier, W. Lambert, E. Van den Eeckhout, C. Van Peteghem, A. De Leenheer (Gent, Belgium)
15:30  Testing oral fluids for drug of abuse on-site using UP-converting phosphor technology
R.S. Niedbala (Bethlehem, PA, USA)
15:45  Cocaine and heroin on Swiss bank-notes
Th.A. Briellmann, F.E. Dussy (Basel, Switzerland)
16:30  TIAFT Business Meeting
University Main Building, Auditorium 1
19:30  Banquet
Restaurant Kalastajatorppa (Kalastajatorpantie 1)


General information please contact
Dr Ilkka Ojanperä
Department of Forensic Medicine, PO BOX 40, FIN 00014
University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland.
fax + 358-9-1912 7518; tel. +358-9-1912 7487; e-mail: ilkka.ojanpera@helsinki.fi