SOFT - TIAFT 1998 Poster Session 4 Friday October 9, 1998

Maria Kala, Katarzyna Madej

Institute of Forensic Research, Westerplatte 9, 31-033 Cracow, Poland

Biological and non-biological materials containing multidrug mixtures are very often the subject of forensic toxicological analysis. A simple and sensitive screening system for the detection of cannabinoids, amphetamines and opiates simultaneously present in non-biological materials and in appropriate extracts of biological material by thin-layer chromatography (TLC) is presented. A combination analysis of 7 cannabinoids, amphetamine and 13 related compounds, and 8 opiates by colour reactions and as dansyl derivatives was performed. Dansylation was carried out on plates.

For underivatized drugs four independent mobile phases and a sequence of different spray reagents were used. Visualization of chromatograms can lead to coloured spots (with Fast Blue B salt, Fast Blue RR salt, ninhydrin, Marquis reagent) or to fluorescent derivatives (with 2-amino-methyl-1,3-propandiol buffer and potassium hexacyanoferrate (III), and fluorescamine).

The screening of dansylated cannabinoids, phenylethylamines, morphine and heroin was based on four other mobile phases used in succession. In the first phase cannabinoids (RF 5-8) were developed, in the second cannabinoids (Rf19-30) and amphetamines (Rf 6-21), in the third amphetamines (Rf 20-62), and in the fourth morphine and heroin (Rf 28 and 53 respectively). This method generally enabled the differentiation of cannabinoids, amphetamines and opiates from other drugs, biological and non-biological matrices, and in most cases from each other. Fluorescent dansyl derivatives of compounds studied were often sensitive enough to be detected in hundred nanogram quantities or less by the TLC screening method described.

Screening by examination of dansylated drugs, followed by confirmation using appropriate chromatographic systems for underivatized drugs, identifies the drugs.

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