SOFT - TIAFT 1998 Poster Session 4 Friday October 9, 1998

Turgun Kh. Islamov

Republic Scientific Research Crime Center, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The search for new methodological approaches for determination of the presence of potent medicines in biological materials is a urgent problem in forensic - medical toxicology. We demonstrate a method for direct reaction gas - liquid chromatography for determination of the nature of some potent drugs through the formation of acetyl- and silyl-derivates, formed directly in the injection port of the gas chromatograph as the result of interaction of the initial preparations directly with acetylating or silylating reagents.

For this purpose, it is necessary to collect in a micro syringe 1 µL acetyl anhydride or trimethylchlorsilane (TMS), then 2 µL 0.2 % alcohol solutions of the drug or of an extract from the biological material. This mixture is injected to the chromatograph evaporation device ("Hewlett-Packard" - HP5890 with FID, glass column 2 m x 3 mm with 5 % SE - 30 on Inerton AW, injection port temperature 270°C). Thus, paracetamol at 200°C column temperature in the presence of acetyl anhydride completely derivatizes; at 235°C tazepam will form acetyltazepam with 100% efficiency, and clopheline is only 28% converted to acetylclopheline. With trimethylchlorsilane phencarolum is completely converted to the trimethilsilyl derivative. Use of these micro chemical reactions in forensic - toxicological analysis has allowed skipping a stage of extraction in preparations from biological materials, and detection of the presence of tazepam and clopheline in stomach contents. A small quantity phencarolum (up to 1 mg) was detected in the liver of a corpse.

The method of direct reaction chromatography may be applied to determination of the nature of medicinal materials in a variety of biological materials, especially if the small quantity of substance present does not allow determination by other methods.

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