TIAFT mourns the loss of Golo Meyer, first trainer participant of TIAFT’s Method Development Grant

In early December 2015, the world’s toxicologists and the entire TIAFT family was shocked by the untimely death of our colleague and friend Golo Meyer. Forensic toxicology lost a brilliant and promising scientist and we lost a good friend. Our deepest sympathy is with Golo’s family and friends.

Just before his passing, Golo visited the Universidade Feevale (Novo Hamburgo) in Brazil, as part of TIAFT’s Method Development Grant, starting in late October 2015. After a short meeting with the laboratory staff headed by Prof. Rafael Linden, a plan for the upcoming days was set up and activities immediately started driven by Golo’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and approachability.

Read the host organizations's report on Golo Meyer's activities here:


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