TIAFT Bulletin, special issue

Dear Bulletin readers,

This special issue of the Bulletin has been created to inform you about the upcoming TIAFT events in Boca Raton 2017, Ghent 2018, Birmingham 2019 and Cape Town 2020. We hope this information will be of interest to you when planning your TIAFT travels. Another full issue of the TIAFT Bulletin will be distributed to you before the holiday season.

It was our initial aim to focus on the highlights of Boca Raton in this special issue, however, hurricane IRMA decided differently... therefore, we want to support all the organizers and indeed the organizing team of SOFT/TIAFT 2017 in preparing these wonderful events that TIAFT meetings are: Science combined with meeting old friends and encountering new ones.

We would like to dedicate this special issue to our beloved Bulletin editor Anya Pierce, who has recently passed away, but still remains in our hearts and minds. TIAFT has lost not only a great toxicologist, but a wonderful person dedicated to the organization and a good friend to many.

Sarah Wille and Jennifer Pilgrim

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