TIAFT Bulletin, June 2015 is now available


As you may have noticed, the TIAFT bulletin is now shipped in a foil cover. This is, however, not the only thing that changed.

The bulletin is now printed in Switzerland, but don’t worry, the costs for TIAFT have not increased. The current printing company offers us the additional service of direct shipping in foil covers. You will always receive the latest issue straight off the press.

However, one small downside results from this process: If you have not updated your address online, the bulletin will be shipped to your old address. If this address is no longer valid, TIAFT (as the sender of the journal) will not receive the return mail. Any invalid mail delivery will be destroyed. Remember, if you don’t receive a TIAFT bulletin, please check your address provided. We will not receive a report as to how many and which deliveries have been destroyed by the Swiss Mail as a result of invalid addresses.

Being editor of the TIAFT bulletin is not a one man job. In order to share the workload, the TIAFT board has agreed to a proposal of additional regional editors. In the current issue we won't miss the opportunity to present to you all the TIAFT bulletin editors:

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