The Forensic Science Library Services – a unique resource for forensic literature and information

Forensic Science Library Services is operated and managed by Jeff Teitelbaum (of the Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory), one of the few professional librarians in the world specializing in forensic science information resources.

What can Forensic Science Library Services offer you?

Forensic Science Library Services can provide forensic analysts free access to an extraordinary amount of forensic science literature, a critical resource for improving awareness of developments and discoveries in this field.

In addition, the library service also provides the following resources at no cost:

  • Tables of Content for all forensic science-related journals
  • New government reports pertaining to the forensic sciences
  • Controlled substance rulings
  • DEA Microgram Bulletin and Microgram Journal
  • Forensic-related databases, websites, and news stories
  • Newsletters from the AAFS, SOFT, TIAFT, ICADTS, CAC and others
  • Open-access journal articles
  • Vintage books and articles

Need more information?

To sign up, send an email to and request to be added to the email list.

To get more information, you can also visit the Forensic Science Library Services website.

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