Severe intoxications around the city of Ostrava, Czech Republic due to synthetic cannabinoids

TIAFT has been informed that since 11th September 2018 there has been a series of severe intoxications including one death around the city of Ostrava, Czech Republic due to synthetic cannabinoids. Within three days, 21 people were hospitalised with confirmed intoxications, including one fatal case where MDMB-CHMICA was present in the blood. The police have so far accused six people and seized 40 packs of synthetic cannabinoids.

A product named "Bakiba" contained 5F-MDMB-PINACA (5F-ADB) and NM-2201; a product named "SPD" contained PV8 and 4-CMC; other samples contained TH-PVP, AB-PINACA, Dimethylone, 4-CEC, diphenidine, 5-DBFPV, 4-CBC, 3-CMC, FUB-AMB, phenylpiracetam, MDAI, alpha-PHP, alpha-PiHP, NEP, and 5F-MDMB-PINACA.

About 3000 doses are estimated to have been possibly distributed in the Ostrava region. As Ostrava is close to the border with Poland and Slovakia, this occurrence may not be limited to the Czech Republic.

The Czech National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction has issued a press release. The Czech Police and the NGO Sananim have published corresponding warnings (in Czech).If you encounter similar mass occurrences of NPS intoxications in your lab, please report them to your National Early Warning System.

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