Results of the Vote to Amend Article 5 of the TIAFT Constitution

The membership of TIAFT voted to accept the change to Article 5 of the constitution (407 – Yes; 17 – No) as noted below:

Article 5.1 Board members
The Executive Board of the Association shall consist of a President, a President-elect, the immediate past-president, a Secretary, a Treasurer and three other elected Board Members. They shall be elected every three years and serve for the following triennial period (triennial meetings are held in 2002 , 2005, etc.). The Executive Board is responsible for conducting the affairs of the Association. At any meeting of the Board, a majority of the Board members shall constitute a quorum. The Executive Board shall appoint a Webmaster and a Bulletin Editor from within or outside its ranks. The webmaster or the Bulletin editor are invited to the board meetings if they are not elected board members. The President and the President-elect shall serve only one term.

Approved Addition to Article 5.1:  
All other elected positions (Secretary, Treasurer and elected Board Members) shall serve a maximum of two terms in any one position.

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